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Preparing for Resistance.

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February 22, 2013 in Resistance


I think we all know that the time for resistance is coming. However I don’t think many people know where to start. First let me start by saying that resistance can be any act as simple as giving away the location of a check point, filming acts of police brutality, creating radio or internet networks to share information, or sharing an important conversation you overhear at work. Every person has a place in the resistance. With that said how do you determine what your roll is and what do you do to prepare for it?

First and foremost all Americans including myself can use more physical exercise and this is something that can be useful to anyone who is resisting in any way. I am not going to reinvent the wheel because there are many resources out there for great advice on physical fitness often for free. Runners world has a great beginners program posted online that I will provide the link for at the bottom of this article. Other things to look at are martial arts classes. There are many good programs in the community and are great for physical fitness.

Once you have a good physical fitness program locked down you should begin to work on useful skills that will keep you alive. Learn how to hide in your environment and environments that you might find yourself in. Learn what plants are edible in your area and how to fish and hunt. Learn how to build fires and construct shelter from improvised materials. Learn how to find water, make water filters and how to chemically treat water to make it safe to drink. Learn how to operate in harsh environments such as extreme heat or extreme cold. Learn how to read a map and use a compass and learn first aid. Lastly if you haven’t already you may consider learning to shoot. The important thing to these skills is to get out and do them. Take a winter camping trip and try out your gear, do the same in the summer. You never know when you might find yourself on the run. Learn how to evade those who may be searching for you (this is something I will post more on later). Again I am not going to reinvent the wheel on a lot of this stuff as there are plenty of resources available to learn many of these things I will just say that from my experience those are the most important skills to know.

Alright now you have learned a bunch of cool new skills and identified what gear you need and have purchased it. You are half way there. So what now? Well now its time to be get on mission. In my opinion one of the most important functions of any person who is actively resisting is your skills of observation. You should always be aware of what is going on around you and be ready to document it. For example not too long ago I was sitting at a stoplight when a truck carrying one of the new DHS armored vehicles passed by. Took a picture and had real proof of their existence. Observation is more then that however because your intuition may be the only alert you get and may save your life. Have you ever noticed that before something goes wrong you usually get a “feeling” that something is wrong? Learn to trust that intuition. Use it, it will save your life. Human beings are so intuitive however in our modern society we have become so accustom to needing “hard evidence” that we can see that we ignore our intuition and feelings. Often the only warning you will get that a situation is out of sorts or about to go wrong is that pang in your gut that “Something just isn’t right”. Many a drug dealer who trusts their intuition has walked away from a bust free because they simply felt something wasn’t right and turned around and walked away.

Getting the message out is an important part of resisting and is more important then ever in an age of mass media lies and propaganda. Other resistors thirst for trustworthy and real information like they do water and a single piece of information can boost morale immeasurably throughout the entire movement. These days though with an increasingly Orwellian government and insane bills to end online privacy the ability to get the message out becomes more difficult every day. One important thing you can look into if you haven’t already is to learn how to increase your anonymity on the net. For that a good start is to look into TOR Project and its TOR Browser bundle. There are also good software firewalls available through peerblock. It is also important to have a good antivirus and malware programs and check your computer regularly. These are the bare minimum that you can do to protect yourself though and there are many options out there though for someone who is willing to spend the cash such as hardware fire walls and Proxy networks. The corner stone to all this though is to get yourself a good anonymous email. A good starter is Hushmail. They are free, don’t ask questions and encrypted. Other options for getting the information out is to learn how to use HAM radio, set up phone trees with local resistors, email trees and holding in person meetings for every message there is a creative way to get it out. As a resistor you should assume that all electronic devices are easily traceable particularly any product that has a service contract or has been registered to your name such as Cell phones, GPS devices or computers and these devices should be used with the utmost care or abandoned or destroyed if on the run. When on the run it is important to minimize your digital footprint as much as possible. This is something to be creative with because having your pursuers chasing a specter is often¬† more effective then simply throwing the tracking device away.

There are many interesting hobbies and activities that can help your life as a resistor. For example a hobby I have taken up recently is urban exploration. Many people don’t know just how many places there are around your average city that are abandoned and not only interesting to explore but could also become a place to hole up for a few hours if necessary. Other fun and interesting activities are blogging, photography, computer skills, audio video and political activism. When you surround yourself with a network of political activists you often know whats around the corner long before it picks up traction in the news and it gives you a secure network to spread information. An example of hobbies becoming tools of resistance was during the Occupy protests many of the images and video escaping the media blackout where shot by hobbyist photographers and citizen journalists. Some of those images taken by hobbyist photographers and created by hobbyist video editors became iconic of the movement itself and where carried around the world despite the fact that the mainstream media tried its best to black out the movement. Attending rallies and protests also steels your resolve and to be honest if you have never been to a rally or protest it is just an awesome thing to be part of.

The important thing to remember about being a resistor is to surround yourself with other resistors and network but to never give anyone unquestioned trust and do your best to maintain anonymity. Use nick names and anonymous emails etc. Any person can become compromised at any time. Every person has their own goals, wants, needs fears and weaknesses and our system works to corrupt people using those things very effectively. Someone you thought was your best friend could be the star witness in your trial when they are told if they talk they will get to see their kids again etc. Look for resistance efforts in your home town where you live and if you can’t find one create one. There are many groups that have been around or are now forming such as militia groups, “Hacktivists” for the computer gurus out there, survivalist groups, gun clubs, activist groups, political groups etc. Not only does this let you find your niche to contribute but it allows you to learn and grow as a resistor. An important thing to consider is that finding your place within the logistics structure of a larger movement can make you invaluable and also a valuable target. It becomes more important than ever to live “above bar” as well as maintain your anonymity as best as possible because your opponents will use anything they can find against you. As glamorous as it may seem be to be on the tip of the speer logistics wins battles and any opponent who can will do their best to undermine their adversaries logistics.

As the tyranny in our nation progresses it will become more dangerous to be a resistor. Something as simple as providing a meal to a fellow resistor may well become a high crime. Remember this game is bitter, dangerous and cut throat. Our adversary has no morals, no scruples and nothing is “out of bounds” they have one objective and that is to crush the resistance. This is something you should consider before you decide that this is what you want to do. The goal is worthy and the fight will be hard but if you can’t say that you would give your life for this. This isn’t for you. With that the final subject I will touch on is mental, spiritual and emotional preparation. Before you take the step to get involved in the fight get right with your creator. Make sure that your family has someone to look after them and accept the fact failure could mean imprisonment or death as well as hardship for your family. We all want our children to enjoy the same freedoms we did and that is why we fight. We fight so that those next to us and those dear to us will survive and be safe.

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  1. I hope you like outhouses. Societies are communities with social contracts. The libtard movement has utterly failed to recognize the need to investigate social contracts and come to an agreement on one which has not proven fail. At best you will get a mad max anarchy scenario with life expectancy at 30 years. So, go ahead and hide in your holes, store food and ammunition – all of these things are very temporary solutions.

  2. Great post. Thank you for writing it! I have posted little bits of similar information hoping to assist somebody. The hardest part is leaving ones comfort zone. I have been camping before yet the thought of staying in the wilderness in order stay alive never crossed my mind until recently. Again this is good information. Have you read Brandon Smith’s articles on Alt-market.com? Lots of good information for prepper/survivalist/militia minded people. We do not know how bad it will get. All we have to go on is watching the results of Katrina, Rita and Sandy!

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