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Police State USA

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January 26, 2013 in Resistance


Police State USA
Copyright January 26, 2013
Ronald Boldt

From the McCarthy Era, until recently people have heard stories about how our country is becoming a police state; the abuses by the police and Federal Government; I am here to tell you this is not all disinformation or stories, the Police State is here.

Since the end of the 1950’s the Federal Government has slowly and steadily sought out more and more control of the people through tyrannical abuses and worrying away the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Today many elected officials, schools, professors and children are in the habit of stating that the Constitution is nothing more than a contract.

One may wonder how we fell so far so fast, going from the Home of the Brave to the sheeple or land of the zombies?

Before I show you the proof of the police state let me explain how we got to where we are today. One important thing you must remember is that if you don’t learn from history you will be condemned to repeat it.


For the first time in American history an Amendment was passed that banned a substance, which actually built this country.

This was done not to stop people from drinking, since a majority of Americans still desired alcohol, it was created to make a profit for the government via arrests fines and sales of the alcohol.

Once created this War on Alcohol, created a new form of crime syndicate, the beginnings of the Mafia in America, and the Rum Runners.

Two notable Rum Runners was the Rockefellers and the Kennedys. Not only were they to become some of the wealthiest do to their crimes, they became political empires, along with very violent in measures to end competition.

There was a massive amount of money being made by the criminal element both in Government and public.

As the profits increased so did the violence not only within the criminal elements but also the Government.

The FBI and ATF were created, to enforce the law, which created jobs and more threats to personal freedom and liberties.

Since their inception neither the FBI nor the ATF would obey the law, since their mentality is such that the end justifies the means, which includes entrapment, setting up fall guys and committing false flags.

When Prohibition was finally repealed, both the FBI and ATF, with their powers still intact, the FBI founder J. Edgar Hoover would blackmail the elite and political officials; the FBI should have been disbanded became a powerful entities within themselves.

Hoover, the gay transvestite head of the FBI, saw his organization as untouchable, and would use threats and blackmail to stay in office and create the America of his dreams.

Hoover was the most feared man in America.


DEA was created to regulate the new drug of choice that was banned, marijuana; which is a natural drug that can be used not only as a cure for cancer and many of diseases; can be used to make rope clothing, paper, and over a thousand other uses.

The Founding Fathers, including George Washington, grew hemp and Marijuana. The original Bill of Rights Constitution and even the American version of the Bible were made from hemp.

When this was banned it raised the price of the plant from pennies to a multimillion dollar business.

Who made the most out of the profits from banning drugs, the US government?

Even today the US Government is still running drugs; don’t believe me just look at why we are still in Afghanistan, the heroin trade and the lithium.

1941- WWII

OSI/OSS- CIA and the NSA

As the American entered the War, using Japan as a backdoor to Germany, two new agencies, the OSI and OSS. OSI Office of Strategic (Scientific) Intelligence and the Office of Strategic Services. These later became the CIA and NSA.

These worked to bring down the Axis powers.

After the War these again should have been disbanded, yet those in power changed their procedures and created new threats, that being the evil Russian Empire, and created the Cold War.

It was through the OSI and the OSS Operation Paperclip was created, where they smuggled out Nazi scientists, who had done atrocities against humans, and yet became Americans.

McCarthy Era

Now with the end of the WWII, we entered the Cold War, and the FBI, CIA and NSA had a new “enemy” and that was the Russians.

The FBI could force people to surrender their property all through the threat of labeling them Communists.

You could be arrested, imprisoned without charges, even be tried in absentia, sound familiar? The NDAA and War on Terrorism.

They rounded up professors, students, actors and writers were spied on, all in a means of finding the Commies.

The CIA and NSA worked hand in hand against both the Russians, and the Americans.

CIA did the MK ULTRA, Project Artichoke, Project Stargazer, and Project Stargate.

MK ULTRA- mind control.

Project Artichoke- (also referred to as Operation ARTICHOKE) was a CIA project that researched interrogation methods and arose from Project BLUEBIRD on August 20, 1951, run by the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence.[1] A memorandum by Richard Helms to CIA director Allen Welsh Dulles indicated Artichoke became Project MKULTRA on April 13, 1953.
The project studied hypnosis, forced morphine addiction (and subsequent forced withdrawal), and the use of other chemicals, among other methods, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects.

Project Stargazer and Project Stargate was not a means of going to another planet, but actually as a means of creating and using psychics to spy on people, and as psychic assassinations.
Gulf of Tonkin Incident, bringing the US into Viet Nam.

This was a False Flag incident forcing the Americans to go to war.

Height of the Cold War-ECHLON, and the SDI

As the Cold War started to become hot in the 1970’s ECHLON was started, as a means of monitoring phone calls, wireless phone calls and radio chatter. Today ECHLON can access cell phone calls on everyone, including cordless phones. Feel safe. Guess that rules out phone sex calls now for those out there thinking of that. ECHLON was a NSA brainchild.

SDI or Star Wars Defense Initiative came online, both offensive and defensive weapons along with spy satellites.

From this came the THEL, or the Tactical High Energy Laser.

Rail gun, the ability to use electromagnetic fields to send a copper beam down a magnetic rail as shoot it faster than the speed of sound.

Sub Sonic and Sonic weapons.

Particle Beam Weapons.

Weather Control and Modification Equipment.


All to name a few.

As time progressed here more and more has our government created False Flags to attack the rights of the American citizens, becoming more tyrannical and fearful of the very people they are sworn to protect.

To ensure that the Americans are accepting of the Police State, they are taught in schools that anything the government says and does is correct, that the security and welfare of the State is more important than the rights of the individual.

Here are actual documents that prove that the government is working to create the perfect Police State.

HR 645
REX 84
This was created during the Reagan Administration by Col. Oliver North.
Patriot Act
Council of Governors
Executive Orders: These have been used since the 1860s until currently with more and more frequency to attack and destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Presidents have stated that through their office they have the divine ability to mandate policy and rules and laws without the consent of Congress and Senate.
Lincoln: He was one of the first ones to abuse Executive Orders.
He had suspended writ of habeas corpus, writ of habeas delecti;
Blockaded Southern Ports
Suspended the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 10th Amendments.
Instituted the draft and taxes
Prevented all the members of Congress and Senate from meeting.
Arrested Southern elected officials
Emancipation Proclamation: This was done not to give slaves rights or to consider them equal but as a means of enticing the slaves to attack the whites in the South.
Illegally annexed Nevada and created it as a Free State, even though there were not enough people in the Territory to make it a state nor was it voted on by the people within the Territory. This was done so that the North could control the gold and silver mines in the South West.

Now some of these sound well all is fair since they were done for good intentions, yet remember if it violates the Constitution then it is not good. There is no middle ground.

FDR: Detention of Japanese Americans in Concentration Camps.
Suspended Due Process
Stole privately owned gold and silver.
Reinstituted the Draft.

Eisenhower: Desegregation and instituted busing. This caused undue hardship on children, destroyed the ability for small communities to have their own schools, where there was no criminal acts, gangs or violence, and created massive re-education camps for children.

LBJ: Ordered escalation into Viet Nam

Reagan: REX 64

George Bush, Sr.: Committed troops in Middle East- Desert Shield/Desert Storm

Clinton: Suspended rights of workers at AREA 51, the ability to get needed medical attention by claiming National Security Act.

G.W. Bush: Patriot Act and DHS

Reinstated Patriot Act
Council of Governors- this violates the 10th Amendment
HR 645 American Concentration Camps
Internet Kill Switch Orders
EAS to jam all wireless signals, effectively shutting off TV, radio, and internet
Suppressed the Media
Declared War on Libya, Syria, Paki, Oman, and numerous other countries to create destabilization in the Middle East.
Has ordered sanctioned murder or assassination of Americans
Violates 1st Amendment
Continues torture, which violates the Geneva Convention Accords.
Order to do away with Sheriffs
Creates both NORTHCOM AND AFRICOM- NORTHCOM, is the North American Command, this is meant to enslave the American People and force them into concentration camps. AFRICOM- was created to have a Command Structure fo0r the invasion of Africa.
Has ordered the FBI to strong arm both the media and journalists.
Has stated that he no longer needs Congress approval or consent to go to war, that is why there is the UN.
Has signed a total of 23 Executive Orders attacking the Second Amendment in January.

As you can see in the past ten years we have lost more of our rights and freedoms then we have in the past 200 years, all in the name of security, not security of the people, but security of the government and the elite that they serve.

How many out there can remember that going to the Airport biggest pain in the ass was the long wait to get the tickets and boarding the planes waiting for the rich to get on first, now everyone has to be molested, raped, poked prodded, naked body scanners done, and that is just to “STOP” terrorism. Right, when a terrorist could just as easily infect a passenger or group of passengers with a virus such as Ebola, and take out half the population of the world.

How many can remember that it was unheard of to see police molest and rape men and women, even when they were in jail, yet today we see it happen on the streets, in airports and at train stations.

Now we have the Major Fusion Centers up and running, these are truly Big Brother Police State. They monitor everything that you buy, think say and do on the internet, on phones, and in emails.

The use these like a concept of PreCrime, or in the movie called Eagle Eye, since here it is a computer that decided is John Doe might be a terrorist and this AI can decided what the person is going to do before they even know it.

These Fusion Centers have also been giving away your information to private companies, all in the name of security.

There are several companies that are not only owned but operated by the MOSSAD, that turn in information AND RECEIVE INFORMATION from Fusion Centers on American people. In essence the American Government is allowing foreign spies to not only operate but to spy on Americans, which violates the Constitution.

All of this violates the laws of counties, state and federal laws, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This is a steady eradication of our basic human rights.

For the government the American People are a clear and present threat to their safety, as they attack the people with abuses, both real and surreal; forcing the true Americans, no not the liberals who are control freaks, but the veterans and Constitutionalists into a corner, and hoping that there will be a race war, or a Civil War, and then the POTUS, can call in the UN to quell the dissidence; and become the Supreme Ruler of America.

The media outlets, and Hollyweird has gone to the Dark Side, and is now doing a slow brainwashing of the American people and I will go over a few TV shows, and movies to point out not just the obvious but the hidden:

One episode a prop that stated “Trust the Government”
One had newspaper had an ad that stated “Smile if you work for the Government”
One Episode had a sign that said See Something Say Something.
Throughout the series, they show that the federal government agents can break the laws violate the Constitution since the ends justify the means.

NCIS LA: Constantly shows agents breaking the law, from hacking, to breaking and entering.
White Terrorists
White Al Qaeda

Here the crazies are using guns.
One main character is considered a whacko since he believes in conspiracy theories.
Another main character gets institutionalized because of his extreme beliefs in conspiracy theories and is suspected of being a cannibal.

One episode dealt with Militias as being nut jobs

There are just a few.

Movies throughout the past ten years have shown more and more brainwashing dumbing down of Americans that there is terrorists everywhere; that only government agents should have guns; nut job think the government is after them; the hero’s we grew up with are not evil and violent.

The News media is doing the same, getting their marching orders from Obama, preaching gun control, death to the Constitution, gun owners are evil, watch out the veterans are out to get you, and so forth.

When did we go from the Land of the Free-Home of the Brave, to a mass of dumb down sheeple who should have been aborted as babies?

So is this the end of America? Or are you willing to grab that Torch of Freedom, hold it high and fight for what was given to us not by this government but by the blood sweat and tears of our forefathers, who had fought and died to bring us freedom?

Demand that your elected officials listen to you or vote them out of office. Contact them and let them know that you are mad as hell and We the People are not going to take it anymore.

Here is the switch board number for the Capital, call them often make them listen; send them email, send them telegrams, do everything you can to let them know they are now walking on the straight and narrow and one misstep they are out.

(202) 224- 3121 – Capitol Hill Switchboard

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  1. Excellent!! This reminds me of the 81 charges against King George in the Bill of Rights.

    For a bit more on Rockefellers, http://planet.infowars.com/preparedness/we-never-needed-gasoline-alcohol-fuel-is-the-solution-to-our-nations-woes

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