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January 31, 2013 in Resistance


I’ve recently come to the conclusion that we human beings, at least most of the population, is traumatized. I think its because fear is how we identify with reality. Fear is a highly potent mind stimuli that stems from some, if not all, of our past shocking and negative experiences i.e. trauma. So as a result of our many ways of holding on to trauma, we develop supranatural defense mechanisms, well known throughout the field of psychology, which is triggered by fear; there’s pleanty of literatue on the subject.
The way i see it, its because of our over-dependence, lack of faith and understanding, or a willingness to understand concepts such as free will and spirituality. Thus we become weak and eventually lead like sheep into drudgery and dishonor, especially as adults. Once you add stubborness to this state of mind, described previously, any set back or temporary failure or defeat will easily traumatize an individual. Which would lead one to exercise the various defense mechanisms known in the field of psychology. An obvious call for a solution to such a circumstance is always sought for and i can tell you that i dont have the right answers for you. There are scores of literature, spoken words, and exercises that one can delve into to find their answers. But i’ve notice a common denominator, if you will, for the attainment of freedom and happiness: A MADE UP MIND. Here’s one exercise for you: INTROSPECTION. yes reflect on your likes and dislikes and question them. Another word which can be used in place of introspection is meditation. When your engaged in this practice be mindful of feelings of guilt and uncertainty for that may serve as the perfect time to deal with them.
And before i conclude this piece, may i remind you that the true manipulators of this planet know full well how your mind works because its been the subject of study well before the feild of psychology was ever founded.

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