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Petraeus’ Resigns To Protect Obama

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November 14, 2012 in Resistance


Petraeus’ Resigns To Protect Obama

Copyright November 13th 2012
Ronald Boldt

Obama had violated the Constitution once again by forcing the FBI to investigate the “allegations” that Petraeus had a love affair. This harkens back to over spying on Americans and blackmailing them.

Since when does the FBI investigate someone’s sexual affairs? For the FBI that is an abuse of power and abuse under the color of office.

The FBI did not investigate the Kennedy clan when the three brothers were having an affair with Maryland Monroe; they didn’t investigate Ted Kennedy when he murdered is lover on the bridge; they didn’t investigate Clinton when he was getting a blow job in the White House, but they did an investigation on him. So the question is why?

Answer since he, Petraeus was about to testify in front of both the House and the Senate in regards to what not only happened on September 11th 2012, but also when and what Obama did and did not do. But doing this investigation and forcing him to leave his post under the National Security Act he as a private citizen will not testify about the attacks, how Obama allowed the people to be murdered, and how Obama ordered a stand down on any rescue attempt.

In essence this protects Obama and allows him to murder even more Americans as a good terrorist dictator would.

Even if he would testify it would be brought up how honest is he since he was having sex with a mistress? Again Obama and his political magic tricks. There would be hushed whispers that how accurate this information is, let alone would Obama do this to a sitting member of the House and Senate?

Many members of both the House and the Senate were shocked about the resignation and still demand that he testifies.

This resignation has now obscured the facts, and what has been an intense debate in both the House and Senate over the Benghazi terror attack.

Petraeus sat at the helm of the CIA when the embassy came under attack with both CIA operatives and State Department employees in harm’s way, and the murder of the ambassador in Benghazi last month.

The presstitute media has done its job in covering up Obama’s crimes, and with this is doing a good job as they no longer talk about the attack.

With this all I have to say is Zeig Hiel Obama.

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