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Personal Sovereignty is the Ultimate Resistance

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January 25, 2013 in Resistance


My own personal belief is that organized coercion is the true plague of humanity, the cancer that has feasted upon our lives, our creativity, our beauty, all to feed the vain and psychopathic ambitions of handfuls of “elite” dynasties whose very “nobility” consists of a marked lack of empathy throughout the ages coupled with a ruthless willingness to do anything and everything to centralize the maximum amount of power into the fewest number of hands, the ancient imperial drive to conquer the horizon until the entire world has fallen under the sway of tyranny.


History is replete with the victims of centralized power. The 20th century alone was a bloodbath of state-sponsored murder, sending at least 450 million souls into the undiscovered country in democides and wars. The very institution that claims that its monopoly of force is the only thing standing between the people and total chaos is the main cause of murder and disorder on the face of the globe. It is the cruelest farce my eyes have ever beheld.

There is only one answer to such wickedness, and that is personal sovereignty, the inviolable right of self-determination granted us by our births into this world. It is the right of each and every human being to be secure in their person and property, to be free to pursue any end that does not deprive another human being of their person or property. An entire society could be built upon this premise alone, without the need for endless laws and regulations designed to get us running a mental maze and eventually imprison as many of us as possible.

There need be only one law from which all others would spring, and it would be simple for even the dimmest of bulbs to understand: Do no harm to the person or property of another human being.


We have been fooled by centralized power to believe that the only reason murder is not a critical problem of society is that there are laws against murder, while these same people claim the right to murder anyone who crosses them inside (and sometimes outside) of “their” territory. We have been fooled into believing that theft is not rampant only because ordinances exist which make theft illegal. These laws, once enacted, require enforcers to terrorize the populace into compliance. In antiquity soldiers and guards often served this purpose. In the modern day we have the police-state, in which the so-called peace officers of the world militarize against the civilian population and prepare to usher them into a nightmare so bizarre that Orwell must be drilling his way towards the core of the earth at the insidious magnitude of it.

And yet there is a secret, a secret that, if truly understood by enough people, could blow away the entire structure of centralized power like the miasma that it is. It is not the kind of secret that requires arcane knowledge or any kind of initiation; it is a secret that hides in plain view, a secret that is only so because the media cabal wakes up with night-terrors at the truth of it:

They are outnumbered. By orders of magnitude we the good people of Earth outnumber these authoritarian scum that have hijacked and exploited nearly every world government in order to bring us under a scientific dictatorship whose ragged claws clutch every corner of a diminished world. When I see the extent to which they have advanced their goals my heart wants to quail in terror, but I know that their power is a shadow and that our enslavement as a species is a dream from which we must awaken or die. Most of the world has been convinced that it has no power, no right to life without a boss somewhere above handing down orders, themselves (the bosses) being bossed around by some bigger boss all the way up the line to the nest of ghoulish hands pulling the strings of the structure. It is only by our acquiescence to their power that they have any power at all! It is laughably simple, and yet here we are in a world of gross injustice and official corruption, a world where rabid depopulationists inhabit positions of government authority and clamor to eliminate all of the quaint rights enumerated in the Constitution, most especially now the right to free speech and the right to bear arms enshrined in the 1st and 2nd amendments, respectively, so that they may carry out their atrocities without real resistance.

If we as human beings allow two percent of the population to corral the other ninety-eight percent into a hell-on-earth technocracy which most will not survive, then we deserve whatever we get. I for one assert my sovereignty and stand against this grim and horrible vision of the future, a vision given birth by the vilest specimens of humanity, people without a shred of empathy for other humans, people without scruple, without honor, without dignity, without shame, people who will launch wars on false pretenses that kill millions, people who would torture humans for medical research ala Nazi Germany, people who slaver to cram millions into labor death camps, people who dump toxic fluoride into worldwide water supplies, people who lie with their every fetid exhalation, people who glory in murder, in barbarism, in tyranny.


They must be stopped!


There are many well-meaning people out there who have deluded themselves into thinking that the answer is “less government.” My answer to that is that there is one and only one legitimate form of government that guarantees a true chance at justice, liberty, and prosperity, and personal sovereignty is that form of government. No human being has any legitimate power over another human being, period. Any claims to the contrary are made either by those who mean to enslave others or by those who are hopelessly enslaved themselves. No claim of nation or city or town or even family can excuse one of their actions and lack thereof, can remove from them their individual responsibility for each and every one of their actions, even those that seem unavoidable due to fear of coercion or even death. Those who think that “less government” is the answer fail to understand just what “government” truly is.

Government is the biggest thug on the block. It is the sheen of legitimacy that enables crimes of mind-boggling scale. It claims the right to ultimately exercise any level of force it deems necessary to eliminate threats to its claim of a monopoly on violence within the territory it claims. This is why of all things that centralized power hates, the thing they hate most is an armed populace. This is why throughout history their massacres have been preceded by disarmament of the intended victims (the subject population). Every tyranny throughout history has featured disarmament of the populace as a central bulwark of state power, and every incipient tyranny has featured disarmament as an essential part of their eventual rise to power and subsequent mass murders. No government larger than one person can legitimately enforce any claim upon any human being anywhere, especially if the person in question has no interest whatsoever in acknowledging the legitimacy of that claim.

I am an American citizen, and by dint of that fact I am a de facto part of “my” government’s illegal wars and global atrocities, their plans to enslave myself and my family using the very fiat money they carve out of every paycheck. I not only do not support these criminals, I actively oppose them, and yet I am taxed, I am told that I must obey because some people voted for a particular psychopath who now has a “mandate” to implement “change.”

I can see the “change” all around me, and it does not scare me. It makes me angry. It makes me want to fight. It makes me want to declare every day my personal sovereignty, to declare to these worms in government and corporate offices that nothing they can threaten me with can ever truly destroy me, that I would gladly die on my feet as a free human being than die on my knees as a slave. I invite all people to do the same, to claim responsibility and sovereignty over your lives. There are practical ways to do this that would have an incredible impact if done by enough people. The key to all of the following suggestions for action is decentralization of power, which I think is the overarching goal any person who believes in personal sovereignty should strive towards.

Suggestion #1: Don’t vote, it only encourages the scoundrels.


Being a personal sovereign, I believe in each person’s right to join any group they wish, and to apply to themselves the rules of the group they have joined if that is their inclination, but I will never acknowledge their claim that their choice imposes any responsibility for another to follow the rules they have taken upon themselves. The US “election” system is the essence of this principle in action. Behold, we have an emboldened dictator in the White House who claims a duty to strip us of the few constitutional protections still afforded us by the system. How did this man come into office? Through the vote of a feeble twenty-five percent or so of eligible voters in an election fraught with irregularities and outright corruption and manipulation. By voting in such an election you not only give your implicit consent to any actions carried out by the candidate for whom you vote (if indeed they are even elected), you also indirectly support the opposing candidate because you have agreed by your vote to abide by the results of the election, even if “your” candidate happens to come out behind. By voting, you actually vote for both candidates implicitly. Another sacred cow of American politics is the bipartisan shell game, the hammerlock of control exercised by the Democrats and Republicans. What kind of election is it when one is offered two choices backed by identical shadowy special interests with no good intentions for humanity? What use is casting your vote in rigged contests between owned-and-operated puppets of people who consider you human cattle? Do you truly consider yourself an activist? Then take the ultimate action of not acting and refuse to participate in any more elections until the usurpers of freedom that pollute our world are routed out of their places of power. All it would take would be one election with a turnout of less than twenty percent to completely demolish the credibility of these archcriminals. Coupled with a mass personal sovereignty movement, we could see the entire edifice collapse in the face of a well-armed, well-educated, and well-aware population that will not be reduced to slavery and death at the whims of psychopaths.

Suggestion #2: Declare your sovereignty and try to awaken others to their own.

If you allow yourself to be threatened, to be manipulated and coerced, then you have given up your sovereignty, your personal authority, your birthright as a human being, and ultimately responsibility for your own life. This is the most dismal fate of all, worse than death by orders of magnitude. You must never acquiesce to the orders of another, no matter what costume or badge they wear, so long as you are not in the process of depriving someone else of their person and/or property (murder/theft). The spectacle of millions of Americans timidly getting felt up and irradiated by the TSA Goon Force is so sickening that an instinctive urge to oppose the ideology represented by that black-handed, blue-shirted monstrosity wells up uncontrollably within me. A nation of personal sovereigns would never, ever give in the the audacious demands of the TSA to disrobe, to be sexually assaulted in a public arena, to have their baggage rifled and subject to the predations of the known criminals that staff this fascist bureau. A nation of personal sovereigns would boycott every airport that harbored these thugs into nonexistence and build new airports of their own with private security. But far beyond that, a nation of personal sovereigns would never permit the existence of a government that would spawn an abomination like the TSA. Far beyond that, a nation of personal sovereigns would not permit the existence of any government at all, which is why above all things that centralized power fears, personal sovereignty is what it fears most. A free and critically-thinking mind is the antithesis of tyranny, and the essence of personal sovereignty. Law enforcement and military already have added the term “sovereign” to their list of labels that can be applied to someone to deem them a “terrorist” and thus deprive them of any and all human rights in the name of an agenda so putrid that a nation of truly self aware, critically thinking minds would instantly throw it down, not through violence, but through simple nullification. There are more than enough of us to utterly nullify them, and the trick of it all is that all of centralized power’s tyranny and legitimized atrocities exist only by our acquiescence, by our own refusal to accept our natural state of being, indeed the only state of being that offers our species any chance at long-term survival. To declare one’s personal sovereignty is the ultimate form of activism, the ultimate slap in the face to tyranny throughout time and space. To declare responsibility for oneself and one’s actions, to declare publicly that you will never be ruled, never be exploited, never led by the nose, never hypnotized and moderated, is the very essence of liberty. To try to awaken others to their own personal sovereignty is the ultimate good work. Remember always that a nation and a world of personal sovereigns would never allow the world we live in today to exist, would never conceive of something so terrible in the first place. Remember that all it will take to effect a mass shift in public consciousness is for ten percent of people to declare their personal sovereignty and to defend it even unto the death.

Suggestion #3: Rule Thyself.


Two simple words loaded with promise and responsibility. To me it means not just accepting no other human being as my master under any circumstances, but also holding back any impulse I might have to make myself master over another. To rule thyself is to refuse tyranny both from without and within, to counter threats with strength born from true confidence, to stand defiantly against anyone who would usurp your right to live in peace. I will make no secret of the fact that the world I want to see is a world of personal sovereigns ever-alert to the insidious cancer of tyranny that seeks to bloom anywhere it is tolerated, a world where people always remember that they hold their destinies in their own hands and understand the profound implications of that fact and treasure it more closely than anything else. A world of personal sovereigns would be a world where psychopaths were outed and revealed for all to see and barred from any position of influence by simple good sense. Let them live together in a hell of their own, the good people of Earth (the vast majority of us) would be far better off without their corrupting influence trickling entropically down into the societies they have captured. Rule thyself and no lie can divert you, no threat can faze you, no illusion can stand before your gaze. You will become what you have always been meant to be, and together with other personal sovereigns you will craft a society unseen in known history, a society of truly free association between equals grounded in the inviolable rights of person and property. Rule thyself and no other can ever lay claim to your life, even though they may take it.

I know this post was long, but I hope you read this far. Centralized power has claimed to stand in the way of anarchy while subverting every standard of human morality that exists. It has claimed to stand in the way of theft while being an engine of illegitimate confiscation of wealth through taxes, through inflation, and ultimately through force on threat of imprisonment or death. It has claimed to provide justice while incrementally criminalizing every aspect of human behavior to provide the legal framework to imprison any citizen on a number of charges at any time and for any reason, making a mockery of justice. It has claimed to defend us from foreign enemies while doing everything possible to provoke animosity against us in every corner of the globe, virtually ensuring that we will be attacked, which can only increase its power and influence. Unless we each declare our personal sovereignty right now and proceed forward refusing to be ruled by tyrants petty or great, we will be divided and destroyed, and no amount of denial will save you when your turn comes to “go to camp.” I urge you to declare your personal sovereignty now, to take the reins of your own life in your hands and go forward into a world free of the enslavers that have plagued us throughout history. Go forth unafraid of death, for it is fear alone that is the weapon of the enemies of liberty. I welcome any response and will answer any questions about my take on personal sovereignty to the best of my ability.



Jani Joseph Myshtari

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4 responses to Personal Sovereignty is the Ultimate Resistance

  1. Beautiful. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. I’m tempted to print this up as flyers and distribute them, it’s that good.

    The key IS decentralization. It reminds me of a post I wrote about legalizing producing marijuana and alcohol on your own property, and someone pointed out that instead of legalizing a better word is decriminalize. We don’t need MORE legislation, we just need to halt enforcement.

    This happens best from boycott; when it’s obvious that no one approves.

    http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2011/03/globalists-worst-nightmare.html Tony Cartalucci is a powerful writer in many of the same ways you are, the only thing left out of his article here is that people can also make their own alcohol fuel in their backyard from left-over stalks from your garden and other produce. Anything with calories can be made into fuel (hence my name).

    Please read, rate and comment on the posts I wrote,
    http://planet.infowars.com/politics/fyi-marijuana-has-been-legal-in-alaska-since-1974 *note* A 40yo man and his 20yo son have recently been sent to prison for growing massive amounts of marijuana in several greenhouses across Alaska. They are getting 10 years and 5 years respectively, the 40yo man very much regrets pleading guilty.
    http://planet.infowars.com/economics/marijuana-wont-be-taxed <– the decriminalized one, you'll like it.
    And the crux of my argument, http://planet.infowars.com/activism/gasoline this one is a perfect follow up to your wonderful article here. It has the answers of HOW one is supposed to pursue happiness while boycotting or replacing this horribly corrupt system.

    • Thanks for the kind words, and you have my permission to print up and distribute as many copies of the essay above as you wish, I really want to get the word out about personal sovereignty. I really enjoyed your articles and the Tony Cartalucci article you linked to as well, it almost makes me want to move to Thailand! I completely agree with you that self-sufficiency will be the key to reclaiming our world. What I like especially about your ideas is that they are personal sovereignty put into action, taking the idea of self-ownership to its logical end of self-sufficiency. Thanks for the links, I’m sure we’ll talk more in the future.

  2. How does one declare personal souverienty?Im in SaintnAugustine Fl.Is there a govt office I can go to,to become souverienty.Id even consider giving up my cite ship,because the govt is getting to Corupt.Can I file for another country citenship and still live in America.

    • It’s a personal thing. By even looking for a government office to which to declare your sovereignty you’d already be admitting that they had some kind of power over you. The uncomfortable truth of real personal sovereignty here in the US is that in order to truly declare and live it, you must disconnect yourself from the official structure of the nation as it stands today. The entire system is corrupt and invested in your destruction, therefore the only reasonable and effective response is to say enough and cut out of your life all those people and entities that threaten your life, liberty, and property. Today, that means most of the government and corporate structures that seek to rule the globe.

      So, to answer your question, declare personal sovereignty to the most important person to whom it needs to be declared, yourself, and move from there to remove yourself from the system of control that is being erected to enslave us all. If enough people commit to do this, the system will lose its support system and wither away.

      I’m not perfect, and I’m definitely still on the early steps to true personal sovereignty myself, but I’ve made the commitment and I’m not going to just lay down while these bastards try to have their way with myself and my family.

      My advice is to become completely self-sufficient and off the grid by any means necessary and before it is too late. A time is coming that many will not survive, and many who do not will only have themselves to blame for lashing themselves to a sinking ship. Don’t be one of them, brothers and sisters in liberty!

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