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Peace officer Eddie Craig shows that any entrepreneur can refuse to pay taxes on their business

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January 26, 2013 in Resistance


Everyone in America who owns their own business has the right to refuse to pay state and federal taxes on that business, and Eddie Craig (a peace officer who hosts ‘Rule of Law’ Radio and has appeared on the Alex Jones show a couple times in the last couple years) is proof of this. Craig has had his business seized for this crime twice before and he has managed to have charges against him dropped. I hope this will inspire other business owners not to pay taxes on their business. And the constitution even makes it illegal, as the 13th amendment protects us from slavery and indentured servitude. There actually aren’t any federal laws that say you must pay a tax; the 16th amendment merely says the government can issue tax, but no such laws actually exist. Evidence also suggests that the 16th amendment was passed thru illegal means, a fact that Joseph Banister, a former IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent, knows pretty well. Further, the fact that the IRS is a private agency means that any “laws” they pass regarding taxes are null and void.
Here is a copy of the article describing Eddie Craig’s experiences: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2205401/posts. Interestingly, Craig also drives with no license and always manages to get traffic tickets thrown out cuz he understands that the only drivers who do not have the “right to drive” are commercial drivers.

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3 responses to Peace officer Eddie Craig shows that any entrepreneur can refuse to pay taxes on their business

  1. Does anyone know if Eddie Craig is still around? His web site, Tao of Law, which he said would “soon be online”, apparently never went online? Is he around elsewhere?

    • Eddie is still hosting Rule Of Law Radio. The Tao Of Law site hasn’t uploaded yet because he and one other person are trying to fully install the sites security apparatus so nobody can sabotage the site. I know cuz I am friends with him on facebook.

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