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Part 1 of 6: People McNuggets

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December 12, 2012 in Resistance


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The following is the first part of a six part series. It will narrate your journey while traveling down an old country road, in an undetermined time. Enjoy :)

The road is hot. You can tell by the way the heat radiates up off the surface, pulsating like that. Driving it in your red Mustang feels like sitting in a cool, room temperature cloud, almost floating along.

The dummy light for the gas turns on. You keep an eye out for a sign that indicates a nearby fuel station. One minute…Two minutes…You eventually stop paying attention to the slow passage of time and turn on the radio. The talk show host has a guest on-set. You forget completely about watching for a sign.

“…and he said “Aww yeah, baby!” Ah, my guest, ladies and gentlemen, is a man from-Where’re you from, Andy?

I’m from Detroit

I wanna bring you right in on this one, Andy from Detroit. We understand you’ve got this theory on what you call People McNuggets-How does the story go on that one?

Well truth be told, it’s something we used to talk about back in public school. We would talk about how all the rich people were the big chickens, and we were the People McNuggets made from the bigger chickens. It was kinda funny, before all this, that I could have thought, at that time, how silly the idea is in the first place. I mean, even if it were true, it means that We, The People aren’t thinking about how little it matters in the scope of things, Y’know?

Andy, I couldn’t agree mo-

It’s just that, you know, we as a people have gone through so much, and we KNOW we have strength to overcome our individual hurdles with the truth-or at least, I can overcome the hurdle of what the truth means to me, Dan. You have to feel that, man…

Well, Andy, that’s why I’m in business, after all. What would you consider to be…”

You snap into focus as the gas station floats into view on the horizon.

Finally. That guy was getting annoying. People McNuggets lol.

You pull into the gas station…


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