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Palestinian Police to Patrol in America

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December 29, 2012 in Resistance


In 2007 the US began training the Palestinian army as “police.”

Reuters, (Feb. 9, 2007) reported a piece from the Jordan Times announcing plans to train a 50,000 man police force at a time when there were only 7,000. This was Palestinian President Abbas’s Guard, Force 17 trained by the US (Aaron Klein, World Net Daily, Aug. 22, 2007). The army that the Palestinian Fatah formed in the early 1970’s by Al-Fatah.

Now John Moore’s DHS source is adding details to Hagmann’s source, that “over the next couple of months, 150,000 ‘America hating’ Palestinian fighters will be coming to America, by invitation of our government, to ‘be used against’ Americans.”

Force 17 has the ability because in a 12/13/2007 WND report, “the PA forces are receiving covert training at a secret Russian base in Moscow… trained by Russian commandos.”  Globalization of  Fatah occurred in other countries as well. “In Judea and Samaria, PA forces continue to receive equipment and training from the US,” and also “similar training courses are being provided in France, Germany and Algeria. ” Force 17 is the perfect outsource, to assist TSA of course.

The complicity of the US is not bureaucratic stupidity but a backup plan should the US Navy, for example, become meaningfully upset about the murder of the B’n Laden team. In 1/14/2007 it was reported that “The United States has been supplying the Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman’s personal militia with weapons,” which is Force 17, a brother organization to Hamas (violence). At that time the organization was 70 percent Fatah and 30 percent Hamas. Not only were the Hamas and Fatah given good weapons denied to American hill-billy terrorist that hate Revenue agents, but given untraceable terrorist cash to support their many young wives, to help them win the demographic war denied by the Righteous Right in America.

It was U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who “pointed out that Israel’s implementation of the Road Map has already succeeded in forcing Israel to expel Jewish residents and destroy their communities.” Israel is the Beta program that will be implemented in America, so why not use Force 17 to assist? They are experts at IED ambush and will take the new liberation war to the malls and buses and shops, just like the Junta wishes.

The idea of DHS outsourcing to Force 17 is a real possibility since a PA spokesman once said “the bulk of the American arms and training would be utilized to “hit the Zionists”" and they regard Zionists as Americans and Israelis, not Christians and Jews with their ridiculous Halachos, and the bickering between themselves.

Americans have their own version of Force 17 called the DHS, and their own Fatah called congress, and their own Hamas called an executive. All three are proceeding toward the same end result in America as they are accomplishing in Israel.

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