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Pagans are Illuminati: Wrong

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February 10, 2013 in Resistance


Pagans are Illuminati: Wrong
Copyright February 9th 2013
Ronald Boldt

This may be considered controversial and even unacceptable to many who read this forum, and may just make them think about the label that hey put on people ideas and philosophy that they know nothing about.

Many wanna be untrained ignorant theologians will attempt to link the Illuminati to pagans making links with the rebirth of the Illuminati to Ancient Religions. Their links are as tenuous as their claims that they are good Christians.

These people will use jumps of facts and innuendos as a means of proving points, such as the Illuminati have a symbol of a pyramid thus they were a sect in Ancient Egypt; the all Seeing Eye is the eye of Satan, the Ancient Egyptians used slave labor to build their pyramids and palaces. All of these are wrong.

In this I will discuss some very real aspects of symbols and what they really mean compared to the claptrap that these wanna be Christians think they are.

These people that try to link the illuminati to Satanism/paganism do not have a degree in history, anthropology, theology, let alone common sense god gave a retarded animal cracker.

Pagans are Satanists:

Wrong. As a pagan and an ordained minister Pagans and Satanists are polar opposites.

Even those that practice what people today call witchcraft is not any way associated with Satanism.

Pagans do not sacrifice virgins, babies, or humans. We do offer sacrifices, of food but so does Christians every time they pray before they eat.

Sacrifice means to kill:

Wrong. Sacrifice comes from the Ancient Roman word that means to make one sacred.

Satan/Lucifer predates Paganism:

Wrong Satan/Lucifer was created by the Roman Catholic Church in the end of the 13th century as a means of stopping people from practicing paganism.

Pagans mean they worship Satan:

Pagan comes from the Ancient Roman word Paganini, meaning of the country,

A witch sells their soul to Satan:

Since we do not follow Christianity then how can we worship Satan?

Everything the Pagans do is evil:

Wrong. Pagans do not seek out to do harm, control of others, stealing souls or eating of human flesh. We follow the religion of our ancestors, not some second rated made up beliefs like Christianity.

Christianity is oldest religion:

Wrong. Christianity was not oldest religion. Some of the earliest forms of religion and practices go as far back as a hundred thousand years ago, when man started to first bury their dead and belief in the afterlife or reincarnation by burying the dead in the fetal position, with food, goods and means of hunting in the graves.

Christianity is one real religion:

Wrong. Christianity was created as a branch off of Judaism.

Judaism was created off of the religion of Amon Ra, which was the first monotheistic religion. Amon Ra was created by the father of King Tut.

As a matter of fact the Christians that say Amen are actually saying Amon, meaning God/Holy when they are done praying. They are acknowledging Amon Ra, the One God.

All monotheistic religion, religions that follow a single deity, is based off of Amon Ra.

Pagans eat babies:

Wrong cannibalism is the vilest offense to a pagan and any that practice it must be put to death. More Christians did and still practice forms of cannibalism then pagans. If you do not think so then remember drink of this for it is my blood, eat of this for it is my flash….hmmmm sounds like a cannibal feast in a Christian church.

Pagans are evil they kill Christians:

More people died in the name of the Christian god than any other religion.

When Pagans went to war they never used a cop out of going to war in the name of their god. They went to war because of desire to acquire wealth land, property or right a wrong.

Over 800 million died in all the holy wars of monotheism throughout time.

So do I still have you attention now I will go over Symbols and symbolology?

Symbols and symbology is a concept of putting a belief in an item or symbol according ones beliefs.

The Eye/All Seeing Eye:

This is based off of the Eye of Ra. Meaning that you were a follower of Ra and that Ra was watching over everything. Hmm nothing evil there.

The symbol of horns:

Many will say that putting their thumb over their middle finger and ring finger with fore finger and little finger held up right is a sing of honoring the devil. Wrong, this is an ancient symbol for the Horned God Cernunnos. Cernunnos was the God of fertility and hunt.

He was worshiped throughout Europe by the Britons, Picts, and Woads. By doing this symbol they are seeking a blessing for fertility and a good hunt. Hmmmm nothing wrong there.

Forming a triangle with the hand:

This is to remind the man that they are made up of three parts, Mind Body and Spirit, and that to sacrifice one for any other will never allow you to go beyond human and achieve ascension.

This is an Ancient Greek concept. Hmmm sound evil right, that to become whole and one with the Universe that you must be balanced and seek harmony within yourself.

The Pentacle/Pentagram:

This is not the symbol of a Satanist but actually represents the Goddess, Venus, the upright man, the five laws, the five dimensions, and the five elementals.

The Egyptians were known to paint over their tombs stars, since they believed that their gods came from the heavens {Plural} not from a mythical Heaven. Hmmm evil right?


Yes in a majority of pagan religions we do practice nude, since this is the way that our Gods and Goddesses created us and that the human body should never be ashamed of but worshiped as the creation of the divine.

Lucifer was based off of the God Prometheus:

Prometheus was a god that brought knowledge to man, the ability to use fire and work in metal, he was known as the God that was a Friend of man.

When Zeus found out he punished Prometheus with eternal punishment, since Zeus wanted man not to learn the art or metal and warfare.

Lucifer means bringer of light. Wow that sounds evil right.

I could go into more symbols but if this does not make you want to learn more and do actual research and not on a Christian sites then nothing will.

Remember that man is made up of three parts of the whole, mind body and spirit. If you allow your religion to dictate to you what your mind and body should be and do then you will never be truly happy or have the ability to see beauty within the world or yourself. There are plenty of great sites out there that you can look into, from universities, colleges, even the encyclopedia Britannia to get information from. Just don’t go to Wikipedia as they are not respectable.

I hope this has proven to you that pagans are not the Illuminati nor are Satanist.

As a final note I will be writing fewer articles for those that enjoy my writing and research, due to finishing my manual script on Jesse James the outlaw.

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4 responses to Pagans are Illuminati: Wrong

  1. Idolatry is the same all ’round, it’s just that those ones blame you for yours and love themselves for theirs.

  2. Lots of good points here. I have met some wonderful pagans over the years. Mostly Celtic and Native American in religion. Their are many good spirits and great people within the modern pagan movement. I say this as an outsider and friend to pagans. The only real disagreement I have with you is that Lucifer exists. Granted, he goes by many names, but the spirit behind it and his demons are real. What they are called changes with the culture and the times. There are also many good spirits. There are angels and others that stand for good and universal harmony. I would like to point out that cannibalism seems to be a major component in satanism. I would expect to find demons wherever cannibalism and human sacrifice occurs. I would argue that it was the influence of Lucifer in the Catholic church that led to the deaths of so many, old and new world pagan. What people should be asking is what was it that required certain pagans/religions to be wiped out.* Look at most modern churches here in America. Lucifer tends to infiltrate and exploit when he can. Yet many people/religions have been targeted for destruction over the centuries.
    *I believe the exterminations were more about their knowledge rather than their skin color or location or economic pressure.

    • The point I was making is that the problem with alot of overly religious people is that they wear their rose colored fish lens glasses way too long and fail to learn from the past. Yes there is a few cases of cannibalism that pagans did do but on the whole they were far and few in-between. The main message was the fat that many will take a symbol of an ancient religion and pervert it, there is a ancient axiom that the gods of the old are the demons of the new. As a pagan I also accept the fact there is some that are evil through and through, and that when they die they become evil spirits or as native manitus.

      And I am glad you did not use the negative term as a native / First People we will never use the term shaman, that is one who had brought shame to their family and the tribe and became a nonperson. Natives practice mysticism.animalism/spiritualism.

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