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#OperationTorchLight VS. #ProjectMayhem

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December 31, 2012 in Resistance


Monday, December 31, 2012

I’ve been going out and about on the internet. Seems that Project Mayhem is gearing up to make it’s move, so I’m gonna delve into it as much as I can from this side. The people who are unaware, the people who fall prey, they’re going to be the targets of it. That’s why I created #OperationTorchLight and became a member of Anonymous. My identity is not what requires Anonymity.

Project Mayhem itself was an idea in a movie called “Fight Club”, through which Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt, created an operation to cause shit for the financial markets in the USA. Project Mayhem, like the Anonymous Mask, both gain their popularity and perception through movies. That being the case, this story begins and ends with usery and manipulation of the “cool” ideas. Project Mayhem, therefore, will be timed with the biggest political event in the history of the USA.

Users who sympathize with Anonymous are going around the internet setting up what they can, ranging from something to nothing, literally. I bring your attention to those users I discovered and thought to be the Intel Cartel during my research on Twitter. For those who didn’t know, Twitter is the central hub from which the Intel Cartel uses to it’s advantage. These users are floating around on the internet creating blank accounts on forums, to which they know the password. It has yet to be seen, but these accounts are being prepared to activate in co-ordination with Project Mayhem, which undoubtedly will be through TYLER.

Baby W0rm3r is another thing which has evaded me as well. Considering nothing can be found on it anymore, my touch with it has been lost. Baby W0rm3r was an idea of deception in that nobody seemed to understand or further elaborate on what it was. It seemed like the “parents” were talking about their “child”, but it was obvious that nothing they said about it was uncomparable to a worm virus in it’s infancy stage. No proof, but there is potential that whatever TYLER is, Baby W0rm3r may not be far behind. This particular group of people was definitely part of the Intel Cartel, and so may be completely separate from the rest of the mainstream Anon group.

The motive that cyber-bullies such as China have had to support groups such as this is simple; in the midst of adversity, it has been easy for people to share their idea’s on social media. One problem: In any given public forum, on topics such as the populist/conspiracy theorist/doomsday prepper agenda, there is no shortage of Intel Cartel. It is that big. Give me one example where it is not, and I will retract the statement. They militarily execute idealism, and if the American brain is sovereign land, this is invasion.

China can provide a botnet so huge, you cannot defend against it. Their agents slip inside of the IRC channels and in public forums such as Twitter, and they create support based groups. Ranging from projects such as #OpFreeAishah, an Amnesty International knockoff, or #OpReportAPedo, the FBI’s job, they include you in their puppetry and continue human suffering far beyond normal perceptions. This negativity is embraced by the embattled few, because it parallels the other half of the story, the fight against the globalists and the NWO.

Regardless, once “you” have “them” in your “group” within “Anonymous”, they will promise you the world and deliver because they’re using state hardware.

How will this operation be executed? Let’s analyze what they have:

- They have channels for lightning infiltration
- They have the power to annihilate networks
- They have the ultimate cloaking technology
- They have access to the American population

Now, what can they do with that:

- They can put anything through those channels
- They can use the Chinese state owned botnet
- They can appear anywhere and spread propaganda on whim
- They can make you think it’s cool to do it

When will they do it?

- When Project Mayhem can work

#OperationTorchLight was designed to send a saving grace to my fellow Anons in all of this. I suffered the propaganda as you did, and saw it through your eyes, all you who were reading that and thought it was so cool to fight the globalists. I went and conquered what I saw within all of that messaging, and I created the experience for you to escape yourselves in.

By participating in #OperationTorchLight, you understand that everything that made you want to be Anonymous was a lie, that nothing of that desire was really you, but that the propaganda just confirmed the unconfirmed information inside you, not much unlike your Infowarrior bretheren.

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  1. Also, been looking around, apparently TYLER is a RapidShare knockoff designed to go portable. The fight club shit is just hype for the regulars, but the Ambiganons may take it as an excuse to fight the cops during a riot.

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