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Operation Torch Light: Mission Accomplished

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January 29, 2013 in Resistance


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Today, my friends, I say a final farewell, in total essay format. I have been objectively seeking out a network of clandestine operation whose agency was to send pawns into the battlefield to cause a mindset to erupt in multiple demographics. This group I creatively called the “Intel Cartel”, and is based around two words. “Intel” is short for Intelligence, and is referred to as a military intelligence, though it does not always require the use of military terminology; rather, the militant aspect of the intelligence is that it is presented in weaponized format. “Cartel” comes from the word Cartel, implying the criminality and structure of the group, and is not abbreviated. Today, I tell you that my research is complete, and all the necessary documents have been prepared for your new life in the world of senses through Operation Torch Light.

I first came to the terminology “Intel Cartel” when I was doing my main research (Listed below) on “The Twitter”, the main hub of activity concerning the Intel Cartel operations within Anonymous. I was having a discussion with a few Anonymous supporters, and they increasingly had fun with my objective, as did I. At some point, I eventually got mad, and blurted out “You FSB Intel Cartel wannabe!” at the man. At the time it was rude, perhaps, but later I was threatened with being “doxed”, or rather, “having my personal information, to the furthest extent possible as found on the Internet, revealed publicly and massively distributed”. When I came to ponder that statement I yelled out, I effectively decided I should stop letting my paranoia’s let out my deeper knowledge, and started a more objective search with limited public appearance of any relevant fact.

The word Intel, as I described, came from the militant use of weaponized fact against the media-absorbed population of the entire globe. Through my research, I came to know that Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and that quite literally, it is the science of how sentience is formed, and that there is a dualistic concept behind it. You can weaponize a positive fact, and you can weaponize a negative fact, because through preconditioning through other weaponized facts, you essentially find a clever way to dupe the demographics which are sensitive to them. What is true with the weaponization of fact is also true with the natural selection of concepts in the world, and is not different except with the mention the purposeful weaponization. Since the majority of the Intel Cartel uses negative realism to be counter-productive to any real progression of thought, and therein uses negative realism to simulate progression of thought, I consider this to be militant, and based on the size of the operation, it is impossible to determine if this indeed is a free world, whether it looks that way or not.

Cartel is a word thrown about madly, such as “That banking cartel!” or the “Juarez Cartel”, or something, but ultimately implies criminality upon mention. The term Cartel, though as I mentioned above came by mistake, is the best word for the conglomerate fact of their operations, in that this has no formal structure, but there are seats of power established under their rule of thought, and as mentioned above, is used to create a virtual arsenal of weaponry, policy, and tactics. I have mentioned before that this is an intelligence racket, and I hold firm to that belief, intelligence being the subject of capital, and the racket being the manner in which the network flourishes. There are levels of the network, as I have mentioned before, and one must understand that a primary is a primary, no matter WHO they are. As they have all been found, I leave it up to the lawyer to come to these same conclusions through the method I have enabled them to operate with, in order that his client may go free, and all Cartel criminals will be punished accordingly.

Through all of my works is my Operation accomplished. I spent almost every day of my life for a full year researching the Intel Cartel, and I have prepared the best record of my research that I possibly could by using most of the tweets, retweets, and favourites from my The Twitter account “@The_9th_Sign”. This operation should never be taken into account by any military personnel persecuting anyone, nor be used in any official policy, nor be mentioned as a saving grace by anyone related to the government even in part, because it belongs to the people. All I ask is that this message be brought forth to the people, as all of them are in a great danger in the coming future. There are eyes and ears everywhere, and this task will require them to be shut.

Stupidity Maintained!
- Matthew

PS: Tweets list to come soon, saved it and hid it. The rest of my works, in chronological order, are below. I’ll still be around on Infowars.com, just look for “Nous” :) :

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2 responses to Operation Torch Light: Mission Accomplished

  1. I don’t use social media like twitter or facebook. Reason, you are giving government agents intel on who and what you are! Cell phones today are tracking devices for government agents to spy on you. Smart phones send a signal tell where you are at all times. Microphones on the phones can be turned on remotely so that government agents can listen to you without you knowing it. I don’t own a cell phone either. When I bug out, they will have to hunt me the old fashion way!

    • “Reason, you are giving government agents intel on who and what you are!”

      If you have something to be ashamed of, maybe it’s time you stopped lying to yourself.

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