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Oh, my Zbigniew; a Populist Resistance is but your own!

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November 26, 2012 in Resistance


Monday, November 26, 2012  

Oh, my Zbigniew; all have gone astray!  

Oh, my Zbigniew; the entire Earth has dared tremble upon the edge of your every desire for so long!  

Oh, my Zbigniew; my populist oppressor and spiritual redeemer, who is a moniker of Trilateralism for all Populists!  

Oh, my Zbigniew; you did go philandering, and behold, the Earth itself did menstruate for you!  

Harbinger; you did plea for external control, and now you are crying a bloody tear as your heart begins to expire!  All your works did not lead to your happiness, which was your goal, and you forewarn of your failure and lay blame upon the Liberally minded.  For how long will you weep?  For how long do you desire yourself, in the name of our mighty race?  

Malefactor; I heard you say there is no compassion for the enemies of a New World Order, but look, your enemies did find compassion amongst themselves, and you cried out in vain!  It is no foreign quarrel when one speaks of the goodwill of this Earth coming to rain down upon the heartlessness of ignorance.  But tell us how you were to know this in the first place, because you were unable to discern it for yourself?  Hear me when I say this:  the Heart of the Earth bled as you did.  

Interjector; how can you bring quarrel to external control, when all control is external?  How was it that the conclusion is formed that regurgitation of the spiritual entity that is control was not in line with the design of that which will forever be, which is Chaos, the non-symmetrical, and Coincidence, the symmetry of spiritual surety?  How was it you thought anyone was capable of independence from inheritance?  

In all of these ways, Zbigniew, your cry was heard, and look upon the words here; a new beginning has found you, but what say you to that, I just wonder.  

We are now armed with Faith ;)

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