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Occupy- The Liberal Terrorist Group

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December 26, 2012 in Resistance


Occupy- The Liberal Terrorist Group
Copyright December 26th 2012
Ronald Boldt

Occupy Movement was created but the radical liberal leftists, which includes Marxists, Socialists, and even terrorists groups, all as a means of destroying this country through propaganda and mass media hype.

They operate hidden in the shadows, using Anonymous, who claim to despise the government and the atrocities that the government has had a hand in, yet they will do cyber terrorism against conservatives who do not agree with their actions.

This group, Occupy Movement, has extreme radicals, terrorists, criminal elements, malcontents, and the ignorant masses belong to this movement.

These moronic youth want to belong to something like the modern day Woodstock, yet unlike Woodstock these people love to use violence, and terrorism instead of concepts of Love and Peace.

A majority of these organizers are far from being a grass roots group like the Tea Party; these are Unions, such as SCIU, Teamsters, TWU, and Nursing Union. The SCIU had given over a hundred plus million to Obama.

These unions, like all unions today are now nothing more than out for themselves and not for a higher purpose. The elite of the Union get massive pay raises and lower benefits for the masses

Terrorist groups that are within the Occupy Movement:
ELF-Earth Liberation Front: Terrorist group that uses arson as means of violence.
Code Pink – Communist group that uses violence in name of peace.
Black Panthers
New Black Panthers
Weather Underground members

Infamous Terrorists that lead Occupy Movement:

Bill Ayers Co-Founder of Weather Ground, terrorist bomber who killed over sixty people. He is a violent militant who states that death to the innocents is ok as long as it is for the greater good.

Bill Ayers is a convicted bomber who said in an interview, “Destruction of property, Private and other, is not in and of itself terrorism. Not every time.”

Andy Stern
Jim Wallace
Medea Benjamin- communist, Leader of Code Pink, She promotes kill all the Jews.
Lisa Fithian- Professional Anarchist and Union supporter.
Jimmy Hoffa Jr. – Union leader.

Jimmy Hoffa said that Occupy Movement is Obama’s Army.

Joe Biden
Michael Moore- multimillionaire leftist, he states that he is part of the 99% and he has over 50 million in the bank.

What they want:

They are in general, a bunch of mental midgets, mental deviants, who are nothing more than outcasts and has beens who are attracted to this much akin to the nerds and outcasts from the 70-80s who flocked to play D and D and fantasy games. Because here they can finally have sex and feel a part of something.

These people, their main leaders go to a pre-rally event where they are informed what to do, how to do, and when to do to create the most anarchy and destruction, and how to make it appear that they are the victims when they are being arrested, or the do gooders when there is camera around.

They are taught that the group needs to be on the whole amorphous and have no set points of view, so this makes it appear as if it is a grass roots concept; what it does appear as a group of morons who can barely wipe their own ass.

Their actual agenda is to overthrow the government and make it into a socialistic fascist government who controls everything in life.

How they hope to achieve this is through three simple things:

1. Anarchy
2. Destruction of the country through violence, terrorism, and destruction of morals and our laws through radical violence.
3. To build a socialist fascistic government through changing of laws and moral standards.

These mental midgets feel that they are part of something greater then themselves, and that as such they can do whatever they want when they want. They feel that they are legally and morally justified in committing violence for peace, arson for tranquility, and terrorism for freedom.

During these rallies there have been several cases of rape and assault of women and yet the mainstream media will not report it and the law enforcement officers will not investigate it.

The people within this group will do vandalism, and arson near the end of the rallies to make it appear this is what the masses want.

This group says that they are part of the 99% yet many of the youth there happen to have large trust funds, are children of the elite, and are the radical movers within the group.

These people like the concept of creating anarchy, violence and destruction to the local economy of the community that are holding their rallies in.

These rallies hurt the small businesses, through their destruction, vandalism and mayhem, as they decry big business and bankers.

They commit acts of terrorism and trespassing on private property and yet they rarely attack or destroy big business and banks, which they say they are against.

This movement, much like a bowel movement is best done in the dark, in private and once done feels so much better but still is a waste product.

These morons cry out they will do peaceful protests but in the end show their true colors by the destruction, riots, and violence they leave in their place.

Those that follow this movement are the true epitome of what you can call Social Darwinism, the only thing they really should do is drink the Kool Aide.

The Mentality of the Movement

These are violent leftists who desire to put their enemies on the defensive, and will decry violence at the same time breaking the law.

As you can see from the people that flock there, to the organizers and leadership, this is far from a grass roots movement but a well-planned out attack on the very society which allows these types of people to come to power.

These people will resort to terrorist, threats, blackmail, arson, and violence to get their point across and state they have the right to do this because it is for peace.

This Group is structured chaos in it mentality and structure, they manipulate the youth to thinking their ways the only way and the only way is the right way.

So now you know the rest of the story about the Occupy Movement.

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  1. Remember back during the “Gaza Flotilla”??? Code pink and the other traitorous groups that are part of OWS showed their foreign connections to Palestinian terrorist groups PFLP and Hamas, also Hezbollah.. The “Representatives” on that boat, were a laundry list of terrorist connections and funding sources.. Corrupt whore media mouthpieces showed their complicity as well.. The UN, George Soros, even the US State Department were involved! The funding for that opp, was like a river of blame tracking back to the roots of Chaos Murder and Evil, responsible for the death of thousands, and misery of millions, hardship lasting generations!

    “Gaza flotilla” is one of the turning points that woke me up.. After studying who was involved in that, I realized that the US Government itself was involved funding Terrorism.. Traitors..

    Everything changed after that..

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