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Objectivity in Contemporary Politics: The Triumphant Return of Peace in the Midst of Conflict

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January 14, 2013 in Resistance


Monday, January 14, 2013

Finding peace is often riddled with questions. How does it happen? Why shouldn’t I feel betrayed? Who, then, is to blame? In a peaceful persons mind, these questions are answerable, while an angered person does not need it, and cares not to have it. The peaceful man, therefore, is able to become still and indulge in the realm of Afterthought, while the angered man binds himself by self-forged chains to live in the realm of Foreknowledge. How one of them comes to these conclusions on their own is the mystery of life, but it is not a mystery, per se.

Take into consideration the situation with Idle No More. The name Idle No More describes a great number of things, and all of these people do things as their own mysteries dictate for them. This is what is called “Cause and Effect”, in the scope of Chaos Theory. At the root of the concept, Idle No More is the object upon which the people of First Nations can offer their support for their own stories, their own beliefs. While there are many different avenues of this exchange of ideas, be it a microphone or a poster, all belief is mixed into one very specific formation.

But true, you are thinking “Well, I do not believe exactly what others believe, for I am a unique man,” I wonder, however, if that was an overlay of a belief in the midst of ignorance. It is true, I do believe in both beliefs, and I further think that just because one was separated from the other with the intention of mixing the belief into the specific formation I mentioned earlier. Of all the beliefs to have left out, it is surprisingly the true scope of the issue which has been left out. Surely, all participants within Idle No More bring their own to the table, but the issues that are specifically backing Idle No More remain in mystery for one reason. I leave it to you to assume, as by now, you should be able to figure out what it is.

Behind this, the mask of unity, is the face of division. Aye, lies did spread conveniently. Why, for example, was nothing done in Attawapiskat if there was money to go around? People are not full, so to speak; most of them are still famished after the feast, meaning that after evaluating the situation, they would have wanted to become involved and get paid. There was work to be done, which is not arguable, and the right people were there in those meetings to figure this out, and that is true.

I hear you, “Where then, is proof of their involvement in this misfortune?” The truth is that there is a specific reason this did not happen. Observe this video:


As you can easily see, the situation has also been hampered by the tribes. The protests that ensued caused some of the workers to leave under advisement of the Crown. And, of course, there is the “issue” of the completion of the famous “Hockey Arena”, a project built as a part of the original project begun in 2005. It, unfortunately, is a distraction to the issue of Idle No More for most whites, because they would rather believe in the Sun News Channel rather than find out what really happened, as it is “funny”.

Like I said, the protest caused the workers to leave. But that did not happen until the right amount of progress was made. As that was a strategic move, it is generally noted that someone was planning all of this to happen. It is easily determined that the liability of those projects, being Crown owned, were likely forced to stop because they could continue predicting for someone else’s actions. These people, of course, can be none other than the tribesmen who were invited into helping the progress of Attawapiskat’s redevelopment. It is easier to say than it is to prove, but I do prove that other tribes had every reason to be involved. That obviously does not mean they are in league with the Crown willingly, but then again, who would have the greatest benefit to strike back against the Parliament, and use Theresa Spence as a pivot point?

Peace and anger are not entirely segregated from the history, and reality, of the Idle No More. When you look at who has been in peace here, we can see great mind of progress, of positivity, and support for Theresa Spence. When we observe those who are under the influence of anger, we observe carefully that the “wild face” is easy to appear, although disguised in certainty. It is, of course, both of these parties who are actively involved in using Theresa Spence as the pivot point of this argument. This is evidenced by the people not wanting to learn about the system of politics in this critical time, and therein drawing peace in the situation around them, which has been kept calm and controlled by both governmental and tribal forces alike.

The ones who benefit from this directly is, as much as I wish it wasn’t true, the New World Order reformists, or as I have called them, the “Agency of the Spheres”. We come to the understanding that in a world that is not ours, and we gladly try to make it our own, we are to make it from materials which are not raw, and have since been processed. Not in the traditional sense of smelting metals, for example, but suppose you decided to make a new foundation in your life, how would you smelt the metal? I have proved the existence of their secret organization of pawns, in great detail, albeit ambiguously in terms of being specific. It is, I believe, a matter of time before they fall into my trap.

So fear not, realistically. While bombs may be shuttled in through emergency vehicles, as was proven by the operation I saw happening on January 11, 2013, to the front of Parliament, setting all progress backwards 200 years, we can have peace in protecting our brethren in this time. Do you feel necessary in these days? I swear to you, this writing is a window for you to grow up before your time in order that you might be successful in your quest in those days, which may be unable to be avoided. Fireworks in the front of Parliament would be the most critical for the manipulators, and it would be prudent of the Government to realize this and find common ground with the real people of Idle No More, those who always wished for peace, and were preferably equal in Foreknowledge and Afterthought.

Let us hope, and have faith in doing.

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