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Objectivity In Contemporary Politics: How To Use Anonymous As A Platform Of Espionage, Subversion, and Revolution

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June 6, 2013 in Resistance


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Conspiracy theorists often earn their title by theorizing potential conclusions off of the facts embedded deep within their consciousness. Groups which objectively research and prove their conclusions are called “think tanks”, and are generally regarded as people who are seriously trying to bring light to truths amongst society. The contrast between both groups is obvious, but their similarities are often overlooked. In this article, I will be theorizing some conclusions based off of my research, which is a daily undertaking, and presenting facts which you can reference later (Or during reading, as is often preferred). I do not offer this article as a method to attempt espionage, subversion, or revolution; I instead offer the article as a research paper, and title it to satisfy a sort of passive-aggressive humour which I thought was relative to how others use Anonymous as their platform of choice to commit these acts.

For a long time, Anonymous was a group of anarchists based off of the image-sharing platform “4-Chan” (http://www.4chan.org). Before this, they were a group of hackers, who at that time were beginning to emerge into a new age of technology, known as the “~el8” or the “pHC” (Which stands for Phrackian High Council), I am not really sure which. At any rate, Anonymous became a culture which was literally created through subversion. This was easy because of the average tendency to be a part of “The Lulz” on the internet, a fad created by loneliness and alienation to the external environment. “The Lulz”, which is not an official term used by anyone to describe the object, is the concept of having a humour that is essentially limited to social trends. By technicality, The Lulz is actually dissociative paranoia of reality, and is derived by having an established concept of peer acceptance.

What I mean is that by creating the perception of The Lulz, through either honest or other means, it is easy to establish a culture in which other objects may thrive.

When it came time for what were called “raids”, the atmosphere of 4chan was increasingly becoming political. For this reason, many of the original Anonymous members did not approve of such “srs bsnss”, or “Serious Business”, because the culture by default was not oriented towards the political atmosphere of the world, but the environment which they were in. This eventuality became the rift which we can see in Anonymous today, which is the division between the old and the new Anonymous. People continued to believe that Anonymous was an anarchic idealism rather than a group aiming to target specific people, both situations were created for “The Lulz”. Anonymous soon titled itself, due to its many achievements (Though the context of those achievements is not authenticated and is still a topic to be investigate) “The Final Boss of the Internet”.

It is likely that many of the key players who were involved in creating that rift are now responsible for maintaining the current status quo of Anonymous. While 4-Chan remains, and will remain, a place of discussion, sharing, and anonymity, it has been marred by the subversive work which, I believe, were one of the new seeds of social interaction. Since the popularity of Anonymous as a hacker group, for instance, the world has become enamored by “The Lulz”, and while meme’s were once a part of the image sharing culture almost exclusively, they are now a large part of the fabric of youth media. This transformation, as was discussed above, leads only to more paranoia of reality, and with each passing day, the strong mentality which all humans are endowed with at birth is slowly being eroded. Most Anonymous members are not familiar with psychology enough to understand how meme’s can devastate a consciousness over time, whether it is targeted to demonize another person’s life or not. This secret has been kept secret right in the open, and is a telling sign of the coming society we will be faced with in our future.

Around the same time that the user “Sabu” was forced to be a spy for the FBI, and this requires verification, a user named “JackalAnon” had been a rising star within Anonymous, and was apparently taken in under the tutelage of Sabu himself. Though this is only based off of an article on the website “Encyclopaedia Dramatica”, which is mainly a joke website to document the jokes of the internet, and meme’s in general, it adds to theory that JackalAnon was chosen as the one to succeed Sabu as “leader” of a leaderless group. He would accomplish this by creating a massive social environment, which would eventually span the entire array of social networking sites, in which the principles and objectives of Anonymous would be given the spotlight. On The Twitter alone, he alone has created over a dozen social media accounts, and has affiliated his account, “@YourAnonNews” (Which is actually an account run almost exclusively by the group “Anonops”, more on that further), with many offshoots of the now-popular “Hacktivist” culture. While Hacktivism has been around for some time, never before has it been popularized to this degree, and this is largely due to new technologies being brought forth, as well as the numerous vulnerabilities which make SQL (Structured Query Language) injection, spoofing (A form of trickery, similar to “rustling”, intended as a tactic of espionage, google “HBGary”), and other forms of manipulation easy. It is often, within the rift of Anonymous, that you will see other Anonymous users call the new Anonymous sect “Script Kiddies”, or “Skiddies” for short.

Another member of Anonymous who is worth mentioning is Kayla. Kayla was a user directly responsible for increasing the acts of Anonymous in terms of economic and political espionage. Kayla claimed to be a 16 year old girl, but there is no evidence to support this. She was acting as an espionage agent within Anonymous, and wielded critical subversive powers within the main hierarchy of the group. Because of how this user interacted with her environment, it has lead me to believe that “she” was not actually a 16 year old American, though may have been a girl, but was actually a member of the Chinese PLA. This is largely due to her technical expertise and ability to deliver when it came to being tasked with something. It is always possible she was not Chinese PLA, but she was definitely not a true component of the Anonymous Collective. She acted as critically supplementary to whatever damage Anonymous would actually do, and while I cannot confirm this, it is possible this user now holds the title “KyAnonymous”, which is backed up by this user’s tactic, along with The Twitter user “@PLF2012”, to release the Steubenville “rape video” and photograph. As I said, this is not proof, it just merely establishes the correlation between the tactics of KyAnonymous and Kayla. PLF2012 was also responsible for causing the perceived divide between Anonymous and Wikileaks, an apparent message that Anonymous no longer needed Wikileaks, which should slowly burn to the ground in the coming years.

In 2011, during the period of the so-called “Arab Spring”, the movie “We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists” mentioned that under the guidance of CommanderX, Anonymous (Most likely through Anonops) was responsible for providing the “people” of Egypt with a platform of success through social media. What went on in those conversations we may never know, but because Anonymous is not exactly connected directly with federal intelligence databases, it would have been impossible to confirm any identity who appeared before the Anonymous members during that time. Instead, what was required to harness the power of Anonymous as their personal army was to discuss supposed human rights violations. While this may have been ideal for Anonymous to undertake as a political idealism, which it did eventually, it became a point where Anonymous became a hypocrite. For instance, these people who were supposedly being persecuted in Egypt were political dissidents, and were being punished by their government for doing so.

This is not dissimilar with the situation surrounding HBGary, where the founder had released a form of political dissidence against Anonymous, and Anonymous retaliated. At any rate, now the technology has an excuse to be everywhere within the region, and is a big tool for people who want to claim that they are real revolutionaries, whether they are or not, and draw real support, whether they deserve it or not. Since Egypt, I have no doubt that the creation of the “Syrian Electronic Army”, which claimed much responsibility for assaulting Israel during the Anonymous Operation “OpIsrael”. While this lead to many arrests in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, and elsewhere, it is easy to see how the tools of destruction afforded by hacktivists can become the feed in a pipeline to actual terrorists, and can encourage terrorism because of how “easy” information warfare is. Information warfare itself has been known to level the playing field in international conflicts, such as Somalia, and is a weapon of warfare, never to be mistaken for hacktivism in ANY sense of the word.

My belief is that a large number of things are possible with Anonymous. I myself have created “OpTorchLight”, the objectives of which were accomplished some time ago. Through this operation, I wanted to establish the Intel Cartel, which is a name for a group of people that wish to cause global subversion from consensus reality to intentionally implement the Violet Flame, a transcendentalist concept dealing with transmutation. The secondary objective was to find the association between the Intel Cartel and the Knights of Malta, which is not exactly concrete, but still valid (Based on facts surrounding their tactics, their origins, their motives, etc.). Others who use the group merely wish to be a part of something larger, and these people I have called “Ambiganons”, a sub-class of Anonymous which accomplishes zero hacking, but participates in political activism through Anonymous (I am part of the Ambiganon culture by default). Other still only wish to see suffering in people’s lives, and it is for this reason which I remain a part of Anonymous, so that through Anonymous, which was their tool of destruction, they are entirely defeated. This is not easy, but the future will hold many potential scenario’s in which we may see the end of such an implementation.

Call me IA, mother******’s ;) Until next time…

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