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Obama Says No to Him Enrolling in OBAMACARE

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January 5, 2013 in Resistance


Obama Says No to Him Enrolling in OBAMACARE
Copyright January 5, 2013
Ronald Boldt

On several of the liberal left wing TV shows Obama was on recently, from Oprah to the Victoria Jackson Show, Obama was asked the same question and every time he said no, so what was this question?

Was it he was going to repeal the Second Amendment, no it was something even more ugly in a lot of taxpayer’s eyes. He was asked if he would give up his and his family free health care that the taxpayers pay for, where they can get any surgery, treatment instantly and for free, and take the ObamaCare plan. Here is a quote from one of those shows.
“Mr. President, will you and your family give up your current health care program, and join the new universal health care program that the rest of us will be on? “

There was a long and stony silence as Obama not only ignored the question, but he refused to answer it.

In addition to this a majority of both Senators and Congressmen were asked the same question and their answer was NO, they would not give up their free health care.

A large number of them stated that they would think about it.

It was announce this past week, on the news that the :”Kennedy Health Care Bill”, was written into the new health care reform initiative, which ensures that Congress will be 100% exempt from ObamaCare.

So this great new health care bill that is good enough for the American public is not good enough for the President, his cronies, and Congress.

Obama must figure that his dim witted daughters might get knocked up and need an abortion and can’t wait the 12 months to get one.

Congress must feel that the free removal of the Cranium out of the Anal Canal Procedure that is not covered in ObamaCare is too good for them, or in other words, the Congress and Senate have their heads so far up their ass they can never see the light of day.

Manny may be offended by this statement but before you get your panties up you crack read this Amendment:

Amendment 28

Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.

So what does this mean?
1. Congress cannot exempt themselves from any laws they create.
2. Congress cannot exempt the Senate from any law it creates.
4. Congress cannot exempt the President from any law it creates,
5. Even if you are an elected official you are still an American and if you attempt to exempt yourself from your laws you are committing HIGH TREASON.

So when is the Americans going to pull their heads out of their ass, read the Constitution and demand that their elected officials obey it or bring them up on charges of High Treason?

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2 responses to Obama Says No to Him Enrolling in OBAMACARE

  1. More proof of treason. How many times to they get to commit treason before something is done?

  2. Oh, you didn’t actually think he was going to use HIS very own, AWESOME “Obama Care” plan, did you? LMAO!!!

    The problem:
    Most Americans have turned into a bunch of lazy, blind, deaf, complacent, apathetic, dumb ass-holes, with their heads buried in the sand, too weak to fight, to afraid to stand up, and too stupid to see what’s happening right under their own noses, force fed a diet of McDonalds, KFC, and Reality TV. THIS is America, now.

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