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Obama Nation: AUSTERITY

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November 27, 2012 in Resistance


Obama Nation: AUSTERITY
Copyright November 27, 2012
Ronald Boldt

With the dictator Obama sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and making the grand speeches like the little dictator he is, on how well the country is doing here is some scary facts about ten states, all of whom had filed a petition to secede from the union.

10. Oklahoma has 18% living below poverty level, with unemployment being over 8%.
9. South Carolina has 19% living below poverty level and an unemployment level being 11%.
8. New Mexico, 22% living below poverty level and 9 % unemployment level.
7. Louisiana, 21% living below poverty level, 8% unemployment levels
6 Tennessee, 19% living below poverty levels, 10% unemployment levels
5. Alabama, 19% living below poverty levels, 9% unemployed
4. Kentucky, 19% living below poverty level, unemployment levels 10%
3. Arkansas 20% living below poverty with unemployment levels 9%
2. West Virginia 20% living below poverty levels and a 9% unemployed
1. Mississippi, 23% living below poverty levels, and over 11% unemployment levels.

With these simple figures, it [proves that Obama and his moronic ideas about building up the economy are not working.

With more and more Americans living below poverty levels, unemployment is going through the roof, family businesses and farms closing down or going bankrupt, the federal government has the gall to say austerity is best.

I want to see Obama and his minions live on what the average American lies on, wait the average American going by the last census figures that means these Politian’s and government flunkies would have to live on what would be considered at or below poverty levels.

I challenge any one of them to do that, try to survive at less than ten thousand dollars a year. Even the CEOs of the corporations that were bailed out from both Bush and Obama, are now preaching austerity, give less Social Security to the disabled and the elderly, yet each of the companies that were bailed out their CEOs received payments in excess of 40 million each.

I don’t see a single elected official living with austerity, living at or below poverty levels, and yet they now want to lower the death tax rate to a million dollars and give the government 55% of the estate. I ask why what did the government do to deserve that?

More than 42% of Americans are on some form of welfare, from Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to food stamps. Many of these same Americans, along with those that are hardworking middle class, are spending less, yet the elite and the government believes that austerity is good, fine then let all Americans stop paying taxes for one year, and see how the government likes AUSTERITY.

I have stopped shopping and spending my money on useless items and services, clothing {now I will wear them until they are worn out}, shut off my satellite, stopped going out to eat, cut out all entertainment, stopped going to the theaters, stopped buying junk food, stopped buying new electronics and furniture. I did this so I could save my money and invest it in one thing we will need in the future and that is food.

How can the political establishment, Obama and his minions, and the elite sitting in their ivory towers say ok people cut back more, it is good for you. Have these mental midgets forgotten what happened during the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette, said “Give them cake flour.” When she was informed of the starving masses. (Many mental midgets will say no she said give them cake, wrong it was cake flour.} Even though there was no flour of any kind.
Marie Antoinette, and her husband King Louis, literally lost their heads over their stupidity, and yet here the elite in this country is doing the same.

Do they think their ivory towers will protect them when a revolution does happen? Do they think the UN will sweep in and save the day?

But people you must remember the new mantra is Obama is the savior, the one the only new second coming of …Bullshit.

Here is a final thought; Niccolo Machiavelli said “Where neither their property nor their honor is touched the majority of men live content.”

Abe Lincoln said, “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their Constitutional Right of amending it, or their Revolutionary Rights to dismember or overthrow it.”

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