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Never Get Face-Scanned Again

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November 27, 2012 in Resistance


The face-scanning cameras on the street corner can’t match a face at rest to the same face when it’s smiling. If you smile when in front of a face-scanning camera it won’t be able to recognize you, otherwise you’d be allowed to smile when you get your driver’s license photo taken.

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3 responses to Never Get Face-Scanned Again

  1. but wait…i’m smiling in my license…..does that mean i DON’T smile when i’m infront of one of these cameras?

  2. Wow What a country ! Smiling prohibited cause George Orwell can’t spy on you if your smiling.

  3. That’s is good to know the first thing I read now that I’ve joined the resistance!!! Thanks again. I’m tire of tgese nazi jerks!!!!

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