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More of What Will Agenda 21 Evictions Be Like

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December 28, 2012 in Resistance


A taste of what Americans will experience is something that is ongoing in Israel and although the outward justifications will differ, the end result will be armed force used to remove Americans from their houses and to demolish the house. The peace-loving Americans can begin to develop a spine by keeping their eye and ear toward the Jewish settlers.

On Friday, December 28, 2012 (Tevet 15, 5773 ) the globalist Junta in Israel ordered soldiers to evict everyone from Oz Tzion, located near Beit El, a suburb of Jerusalem, in the tribal region of Binyamin. The army retreated when the locals naturally resisted being thrown out on a cool winters night.

The locals did not comply with the law or the orders by the army but they resisted as they should and so should Americans. According to A7, “Local residents reported that the officers used tear gas and stun grenades to evict the residents.

Violent clashes erupted between the two sides and one person was arrested. The IDF said its forces were attacked with rocks and that five officers were lightly wounded.

Ultimately the forces retreated but have promised to come back and finish the job after Shabbat.”

Both Americans and Israelis need to overcome their pacifism if they hope to survive an enemy more willing to use force. The usual parties were critical that the IDF did not use enough force. “Leftist parties criticized the Israeli government for not completing the eviction, ” because to them, government is a weapon to use against your neighbor.

Just as civil war seems inevitable in the US, so it is inevitable in Israel. The insider complained about, “clashes of the extreme right with the soldiers, backed by political rabbis,” or to say, a grass roots or populist leadership not controlled by the Junta. She further whined that disobedience by not walking away from you home “forces the IDF and the police to deal with it rather than with issues of security.” The fact is that the US DHS is more concerned with uppity slaves entertaining thoughts of burning them alive than they are of any alleged external threat. And so they should be.

The Hagmann’s DHS warning was about loss of the First Amendment, and likewise, the witch of Tel Aviv repeated what the DHS source said by saying, “we must stop Netanyahu and his extremist partners and create a united front against this violence.” Stop as in arrest, like Honest Abe?

The settlers learned from the last “Waco raid” against their town, “Oz Tzion has been raided before, the last time being in April. Border Police officers and Yassam special operations personnel have carried out demolitions in the past. In one instance they forced their way into girls’ homes and forcibly rounded them up into one building so bulldozers could destroy the other homes.”

Most Americans mistakenly consider their houses safe from forced eviction for environmental reasons, but are not aware that the International Property Maintenance Code is part of Agenda 21 which merely incorporates the code, from which evil city legislators cut and paste into their own so-called codes.

The full weight of what is planned for American homeowners was described by the Late Derry Brownfield in 2006, “existing structures must be “brought into conformity with new regulations.” These single family homes located along rural byways won’t pass inspection. Our wells will  not pass Clean Water Act regulations and the septic system is creating a pollution problem. Besides that, the asbestos siding must be replaced with environmentally
friendly material.

It’s illegal for you to remove the siding yourself. You must have a licensed contractor do the work and pay to deposit the material in a licensed and environmentally approved land fill. According to the International Property Maintenance Code ordinance passed by our County Commissioners, your resident is so”out of repair” that it is unfit for human habitation and must be demolished.

Likewise, INN radio hostess Tamar Yonah warned that homeowners will eventually need a license to own a home. Congress is irrelevant, so the order will be made regardless of votes. She warned to expect  “homeowners to get a license on their house, not unlike having to get a license on your car, your business, and even your pet.  In order to receive this license, you have to have your home meet EPA standards, kind of like your car has to have a smog device put into it and have it meet state regulations before you can re-new your car’s license. ”

The fitness of the house for human habitation is defined by the IPMC inspection. “What does this mean? It means if you want to sell your house to make aliyah and then be able to come with a little money, you will first have to have your home inspected.  Probably you will need to upgrade your home’s efficiency in how it uses energy and what carbon footprints it leaves behind. ” Failing an inspection could result in an unfit classification, resulting in demolition.

Whether the reason stealing your house is Agenda-21 or Disengagement, the result is the same and the need to resist is incumbent upon all who value their house, their life, and their ability to live without constant fear of the city marauders or the Junta’s murderers. At least in Beit El, they have begun to learn that lesson.

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