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Monsters Among Us

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December 17, 2012 in Resistance


The truth is that we live in a world where there are boogiemen in the closet and monsters under the bed. Unfortunately we empower these monsters by assuming that our safety is someone elses responsibility. Putting blinders on horses doesn’t remove the things they are afraid of. But it does make them easier to handle by the driver and it does one more thing. It makes them easier prey. A cougar is sure to catch the horse that cannot use all of its senses.

By their acts of butchery, these human monsters surprise the unwary and create an atmosphere of fear around them. Fear is a powerful thing. Parents have used it since the beginning of time to keep children safe, not just to keep them in line. There is a reason we have stories of fearful boogiemen. The fear kept most children from becoming victims by wondering away from their parents. But these same children were also taught how to overcome the fear and how to defend themselves, their families and communities. They were raised to be independent and found strength in that independence. They were raised with a moral compass that kept God in their lives so that when they came into a situation that was bigger than they were they had an anchor point that kept them on the right path. The independence and the moral compass did something else; it let them care for their families and neighbors without expecting something in return. There was no expectation of someone else feeding you, clothing you or making you “feel good.” These children strove for excellence and they achieved it.

Today, the opposite is true. We have been raised as a collective. Everyone, regardless of how bad they play a sport gets a trophy. My son’s grade school has signs up in the gym that says, “NO WINNING.” We are killing the respect for the spirit of individuality that comes with striving for excellence. We have been raised to believe that the individual is bad. That independence is bad and a moral compass is a hindrance to your achieving acceptance of others. And that God is has no place in this country or this world for that matter. Three times during the Democratic National Convention the mention of God was booed, so He was removed from their platform. We are raised that dependence is good because it frees you up to pursue other interests. You no longer need to care for your neighbor or your family because there is always a program that will do that for you. Other people will work and pay for it you no longer have to worry.

People are raised without conviction today so most are easily convinced that they are worthless and useful only to the extent that a government employee allows them to be. No mayor, no congressman, no judge, no president ever stopped someone from harming someone else. These are people that can only regulate the lives of the people that allow them too. Criminals operate outside of the law. Laws only affect those that abide by them. The strange thing is that those that abide by the laws don’t need to be told too. No police officer can ever keep everyone safe. If that were the case then murders like Sandy Hook would never happen. The responsibility falls to you, the individual, the parent, the protector. You must empower yourself by understanding that there will always be monsters among us. You must understand that no amount of legislation will eradicate the monster, it only places blinders on you and makes you an easy target. Accept the fact that the acts of the monster can only be stopped by you. Become empowered by educating yourself in tools of protection. In the right hands a hammer can build a wonderful house. In the wrong hands it can kill. The same is true with the monsters. The tools they use to kill the innocent can and should be used by you, the individual to eradicate the monsters like the cochroachs they are.

God Bless.


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5 responses to Monsters Among Us

  1. Today the monsters come from government. A government that is intent on enslaving us, and forcing us to accept it without question. Remember, government is responsible for the Kennedy assassination, MLK, Columbine HS, batman shooter and now this! They want us to scream that our rights be taken from us so that they don’t have to do it by foreign troops!

  2. Maybe our Medieval, Dark Ages ancestors weren’t really ignorant and superstitious after all. Modern “Zombies” = old fashioned Werewolves. Mental illness, or demonic possession?

    • Na matter what you call them. There will ALWAYS be bad guys.. You can’t hamstring the the good guys and expect a happy ending.

  3. I keep getting told I am wrong but I will keep saying it, if guns are illegal, then only criminals will have them

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