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Lower your foot print in your bugout area.

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January 16, 2013 in Resistance


Just thought I’d pass along a slightly expensive, but reliable way to lower your foot print in an area your planning to stay in. I know a Mountain-Man  and who spends his weekends dressed in buck skins and a raccoon hat. Shoots black power, throws knives and tomahawks. Sleeps in a tee-pee and cooks in cast iron.  No modern convenience is allowed. The moccasins he wears are from http://carldyers.com/  The Rendezvous version is $268 ( yeah feel the ass-pucker) ties in the back of the heel and is designed to have nothing to snag as your walking through the brush. Now your thinking of the roadside souvenir moccasin. Having picked these up, I can assure if, you were hit in the face with one of these, it might knock your teeth out. The reason I bring this up is that if your going to be hold up somewhere, you might not want to leave boot tracks everywhere you go. Your cache, spider hole, water source… wherever. You wear these, all your going to leave is some smushed grass, maybe a blurry imprint that only a seasoned tracker might see. The hide is very thick. The only issue is on a wet surface they can be slick. They put duct tape on the sole to keep that issue in check.  Just thought I’d pass that along.Happy Hiding everyone!

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  1. You could also craft a pair yourself. I mean, if you’re going to go Mountain Man, ya also gotta learn the crafts. So thick leather scraps, soft leather scraps, a hole puncher, big needle and some leather thread should do it. Another idea, the Ren Faire folks do similar types of shoes, and you can probably find patterns online.

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