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May 20, 2012 in Resistance


For the group How to Disobey


Raw Milk and Food Freedom

Don’t Ask for Permission to Drink Raw Milk; It’s Your Right


How the TSA preys on your ignorance — and what you can do about it now

Why you must protect your children from TSA groping


Parental Law and Our Right to Raise Our Children

Do Anti-Spanking Laws Protect or Destroy the Family?

Natural Law

Don’t Base Your Rights On Common Law

Is Injustice Unjust?

Is It Legal to Break the Law?

How the Supreme Court Bastardized the Commerce Clause

The Grand Jury as Guardian of the People

Restoring Natural Law in Society by Establishing Conscience as the Foundation of All Law



You Owe the IRS? Welcome to the Hunger Games



Fiat Money – Buying the Stairway to Heaven

Solving the Bankruptcy Crisis One State at a Time



Court Cases on the Right to Travel



Does Government Even Have the Power to Ban Guns?




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1 response to Index to Articles on Disobedience

  1. Thank you, Richard!

    I appreciate your contribution to the perpetual recovery of natural rights! As a result – I’m inspired to make a contribution. I offer the following:

    Richard: “We lost our liberties when we lost our resort to the courts.”

    To “argue in court” most generally requires entering into the government’s jurisdiction. However, if the individual’s intent is to be free of (what I think you and I would agree is) the government’s color of law (and one might as well say “color of jurisdiction”) then I find the “court” idea inconsistent with the higher principal as per the original spirit of liberty in the first Organic Law of “The Declaration of Independence”. If “liberty” is the exercise of one’s “exemption from extraneous control”:
    then the root of liberty lies in the political status of the individual. Unfortunately most Americans are completely unaware of this truth in Law and consequently their rants, raves, protests, disobedience and other resistances by whatever name are inherently powerless when they essentially declare that they are subject to the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of Congress which is exactly what they do each and every time when they identify them self with the status of a “U.S. citizen”.

    I can understand how one can think of the courts for remedy however whenever the public reads the word “court” there also needs to be the realization that this is part of the government’s exclusive jurisdiction and pertains to the government’s proprietary jurisdiction.

    The idea of disobedience as a “lawful remedy” infers that one is generally subject to the laws of government. Indeed there are a number of individuals who are most positively subject to the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of Congress by virtue of where they reside, i.e. Washington DC, Federal territories, Federal Lands, “forts … and other needful places” (although I don’t know that the government has any forts left). Therefore the idea of disobedience would best be directed to those who are subject: the federal residents, commonly known as “U.S. citizens” and other entities subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the government. Individuals living in the federal territories and on government owned lands are generally the government’s “citizens”. However, in the second Organic Law we learn that not every Individual in America has declared them self (or become naturalized) as a “U.S. citizen” but have retained their original natural-born status as a “free inhabitant” as they live without the “United States” as that term is lawfully defined. These individuals don’t need to “disobey” because they have rejected the offers of external government.

    This very brief presentation points to what is missing & therefore urgently needed now: an enlightened discourse on the four Organic Laws of the United States of America. Fortunately that discourse does exist at the Organic Laws Institute! https://organiclaws.org

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