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Just A Few Thoughts I Had About Zimmerman!!!

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July 15, 2013 in Resistance


The Justice Department plans on prosecuting Zimmerman for violating Trayvon’s civil rights. What a damn joke! The Justice Department has been caught over and over again running drugs and guns to Mexican Drug cartels. Then those same guns they put in their hands was used to kill police officers from America. Nobody goes to jail…..

I know Obama is not saying anything about violating civil liberties when he has signed the NDAA that allows the military to arrest citizens with no warrants. In most cases you will never see a judge and only an act of congress could release you from that camp. That’s actually in the bill my friends. Obama bypassed congress and bombed Libya and told our congress that the military is now under United Nation control. Then he marches the General into congress and he says the same thing and everybody just sits quietly. It’s time for us to wake up as a nation and understand that our government has been hijacked by foreign banks that have an agenda to drive this country into the ground. Who the hell is with me because I can’t do this alone. We have to get together and stand together or we will hang seperate. There is no doubt that we can defeat this. They are weak. Look at their propaganda….nobody believes it anymore. Everybody knows people like me and others have warned about this for years in advance and now the people finally see it all coming true. There is no more hiding New World Order! We have pushed you out into the mainstream and now you are in a frenzy trying to take our guns. You are scared and I don’t blame you. The sleeping GIANT is now AWAKE! #1776

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  1. Amen , brother there are more people out there that are aware than you might think and we have to pick our battles as holder and his ilk are goading people in to insurrection thats their game so they can come down on us with nato troops and the 50% of our own treasonous forces

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