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November 6, 2012 in Resistance


Great Reminder People :D  

Thank you  Livefreeordie for sharing this! This Video is other One Must GO VIRAL!

the LAWFUL “de jure Grand JURY” of 23, 25 free men of the Shire, Must meet, take evidence, vote to indict, and ISSUE a TRUE BILL OF INDICTMENT. THAT is what is missing from from this video. Do it RIGHT, Roger may have, but he should have given the SHERIFF of the Shire [ or county ] first option to come with the crowd and effectuate the ARREST. IF the Sheriff refuses, then Roger can have a Shire, or County Militia, ARMED , go arrest the JUDGE, and take him to the jail for booking. Of course, the Arrested Judge, has a right to bail, to see the TRUE BILL of INDICTMENT. 
several dozen filed into the Treasonous Judges courtroom, and announced the ARREST of the sitting Treasonous JUDGE, 2 men moved forward to seize the judge and Bailiffs interfere with the Lawful Arrest under Section 61 of the Magna Carta.

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7 responses to JUDGE ARRESTED FOR TREASON by “WE THE PEOPLE” in his court

  1. it figures its not here in the US. free and brave… thats laughable. i wrote the DOJ about the NDAA and now i think my email is being watched.. anything i send to a government address gets flagged. fuck this system… and yours, where ever you are…

  2. no authority without ACCOUNTABILITY

  3. This will only work in a civilized society. In America, we have a vainglorious prevaricating primate running things incapable of doing anything except counseling with Al Sharpton on economic issues. African macroeconomics and culture do not permit reason.

  4. If I remember correctly from my history book, the Magna Carta also had an influence in the development of our American Constitution. I hope I get this correctly, The Magna Carta of 1215 was where the British Nobles forced the King to sign it because the King ruled despotically and did not respect the property rights that the Nobles had. The King would recognize the property rights of the Nobles and in return the Nobles would protect and serve the king.

  5. I went to this event and it was a complete farce on the side of Justice, although the police were asked to arrest the judge they did totally the opposite and arrested two of the protesters after which a compromise was met whereby the police would release the protesters if all other protesters left the courts without arresting and incarserating the judges involved. Which they did, so nothing was gained by this venture. What we need is a sympathetic judge who has experience in British common law and not legislative law to first issue arrest warrants naming treasonous judges and where the police have no option but to arrest those judges, for effectiveness the arrest should be carried out whilst the judge/s are sitting and committing the actual crime they are accussed of. Also if judges where voted for by the people to represent the people of Great Britian I am dam sure they would follow the practice of common law whereby the rule of law is if legislative and common law come up against each other the common law if the required law to go by,

  6. We the People here in the USA need to do the same thing and get our country back from all these crooks that aim to destroy our great nation.

  7. power to the people

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