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I’ve Got Bad News About Your Nanny

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September 13, 2013 in Resistance


I’ve been watching her.

Your Nanny is trying to poison you and your children. She puts things in your water and allows mad scientists to genetically alter your food before serving it up with an “Approved” sticker on the package. She pokes you with needles and fills you with pills that she knows will kill you.

Your Nanny is spying on you day and night. She is listening to your phone calls and reading your email. She knows what you watch on TV and do on the Internet.  She has drones that can silently hover above your house and see what you are writing on a post it note… in the dark.

Your Nanny is stealing from you, taking more than you agreed to pay her, then gives it to people that hate you.  She commits you to buy things you do not need or want, and uses them against you.

Your Nanny is running a protection racket, forcing you to pay to protect yourself from… your Nanny.  If you don’t pay, she will hire other Nannies to scare you.

Do not complain about your Nanny, or try to fire her.

Because your Nanny has guns. Lots of them.

She has Big Scary Tanks and Portable Armored Bunkers, too.

Your Nanny has enough firepower to kill every man, woman and child in the USA at least 6 times over… and that’s only counting the bullets for the “light” weapons.

Does she need anyone else to help her operate her fancy toys? No.

All autonomous robots. Set and forget. They hunt and kill until they run out of bullets, fuel or targets… and they have lots of bullets and fuel.


Get right,  get ready…

…then, Fire Your Nanny.

Tell everyone you know.


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