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Is Obama, “The One?”

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November 16, 2012 in Resistance


By Steve Roberts
University of Phoenix

Is Obama, “The One?”

As many supporters of Obama from his beginning have insisted that, “He is the One” and what that phrase was erroneously proposed to mean was, is he the one to bring the people of America together? But in fact he may be “the one” the global elite put in place of the puppet in chief of the United States of America to finalize the total destruction of America. Oprah Winfrey said he is the one that will bring people together many other political pundits on both sides of the false illusion of a left-right paradigm continue to perpetrate this fallacy. What Obama has in fact done is awaken American to this false illusion that one political party is no different than the other.

The global elite’s final plan for America and the world for that fact, is war, death and destruction, #1 a race war, #2 a class war, #3 a revolutionary war with the visionary distinctions of a “Road Warrior, Running Man, 1984, and Hunger Games” dystopic type of existence for American’s. The global elite for millennia have had the illusion that they have the forgone right from the creator to rule over humanity and they have plans to rule over humanity by any means possible. This illusion that anyone is better than another is just that, an illusion and this illusion stems from the constant social brainwashing from media and entertainment.

The American media and entertainment industry has for over 100 years perpetrated the illusion that some people are better than others. The media places politicians and celebrities on a higher pedestal that the so called common people and they defend this illusion with fervor. The media will place a false illusion that a politician is of a higher “Authority” than the common people when in fact no-one in reality should have authority over another. This false illusion is the Critical Thinking Fallacy, “Appeal To Authority” which tells someone, “I am the authority and my word or actions should be held highest”, and this fallacy is an invalid argument as we know, because if the authorities words or actions are incorrect or cause harm to others then those words or actions should be dealt with accordingly and disregarded.

Many politicians and celebrities will inject an opinion that may be unpopular with many others and then try to debase or degrade the opposing opinions with ridicule or humor. Bill Maher will use humor to degrade or debase an opposing opinion with a humorous remark and this is the “Appeal to Ridicule” or a form of the “Strawman” attack. The illusion is held in high regards with the fake right wing politics also, they make fallacious attack on detractors as well, thus the illusion is held up on both sides of political arena.

The trick the media is using today with Obama being placed into the office is the “race card” and it’s being injected into every political discussion no matter what the debate is, the phrase is, “you are a racist” if you don’t like Obama’s policy. And this attack is a form of the “Nationalism/Tribalism” fallacy it is meant to keep the different races of American’s from coming together and talking out our problems. The Nationalism/Tribalism fallacy says, “Every democrat/liberal should support Obama no matter what?” just because he’s a black man, and the Republican’s don’t support him because they are racists. One debate will be, “The Constitution” and their answer will be, “so you want to go back to slavery?” and this is such an ignorant and invalid argument it’s almost funny and it’s the “Red Herring” Ad-Hominem attack.

President Obama will cause a race war in America, whether it’s in his second term or after when he goes on the talking circuit, he tried to force a race war with the Trayvon Martin-Zimmerman death. He will also cause a class-war with the poor and the middle class. I have a feeling the senate and congress may do this with an impeachment of Obama, there are millions of mindless sheeple that will follow Obama to their death or imprisonment, and if Obama is impeached, the race war is on.

The revolutionary war may already be a foregone conclusion with all 50 states filing petitions for secession, the Obama administration threatened Texas last year with an armed air blockade if they did not back down from defunding and regulating the TSA in Texas airports. It was a fraudulent and hollow threat, but the Texas state house showed their pink panties and gave up the fight, there would have been no way in any scenario the Obama administration would have fired upon any commercial airliner on American soil on purpose.

With a semantic mind game, the elite supporters are technically true with their characterization of Obama “Being the One” because he will undoubtedly be the puppet to bring them their “Eden” on Earth without the Common humans to have to control, those who will lay down and submit to the tyranny and proceed to the internment camps when ordered to and those who will willingly serve the elite to save themselves, will help them in implementation of their plan. One part of the plan is to start the mass culling of humanity with Agenda 21 within Obama’s second term, he has expanded upon Bush’s two wars and started 5 other unconstitutional wars of his own, so in fact, he has “Out Bush-ed” George Bush, and yes this is all from the Nobel peace prize winning president.

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