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Intolerant to False Authorities

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November 10, 2015 in Resistance


The government has been taken over for a very long time, the ”fed’ is a prime example of that. The sold out media has fallen and as a result people in general are beginning to have better influences. There was no representation on our part when all these fraudulent laws went into act. Naturally people already have all the right to take discourse and remark what went wrong. In the world there are many false prophets that the establishment has endowed for improper gain. The globalists tries to keep humanity sheltered in a box of programming until we are a shell of our former selves. The wicked envy the ability to walk freely among the world as an individual. People can pass judgements yet I’m sure in the end love counts the most. Life goes on beyond this planet. Let’s not be so selfish to think this is the only place life exists. Why the up top covert government doesn’t want people to know the truth is because they believe having more knowledge gives them greater power when really they’re so incompetent that they fear the power of the people so they’ve withheld huge facts from the public because the globalists have chosen to cower behind lies. The system is fraudulent because it’s ridged and destructive.

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