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Inter Cartel movements; how to spot the connection

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December 3, 2012 in Resistance


Monday, December 03, 2012

So the Cartel has slipped up a little bit in recent days. I bring your attention to the website http://www.cryptome.org and ask you to look at the submissions for the period November 30-December 02.

Do you happen to see a few familiar names there? I do, and it’s petty competition in the “playing of both sides” that has existed long before today. For example, you have Adrian Lamo touting Cyber Cold War, and Julian Assange assumably defending his communist handlers position. Underneath and above you have a document pertaining to snitches (Which, ironically, was aimed at people such as Lamo and myself), more war propaganda from the Cypherpunks, and some other articles, potentially useful to some but the reach of influence contained therein is weak.

I wanted you to see very carefully that these movements are all linked. It is no secret anymore that Lamo and Assange are both connected to Anonymous, which is deeply (And sadly, though no longer prevalently, if I can draw that support) linked to the Intel Cartel. It means that while you are safely excluded from this sphere of influence, others are not, and soon your blending will come.

Will you be ready?

Not to be too self indulgent, but please check out my other articles for further information, some have references posted in the comments.

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