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January 8, 2013 in Resistance


Tuesday, January 08, 2012

Dear Internet,

I write you a small letter here, concerning the newest Youtube video posted by the user “AnonymousNewsCanada” and mirrored by the rest of the associate network. You can find the video here:

This video takes into account what happened around the omnibus budget implementation act. It does not discuss any of that, but it does mention the word “omnibus bill”. It further turns the subject into turdlets. It denounces any responsibility we should have concerning the subject, offers no compass on what the objective success of fixing this obvious problem is, and insinuates what we as Anons should further antagonize and deliberate pointless thoughts surrounding the “garbage” of society.

What a shit-wind, Randy. Fucking shit-tectonics.

We all know that the ruling party of Canada, being the one with either a Minority or Majority government, is NOT responsible for designating a surrender. They CAN do this, but that is the shady nature of this. WHY would they change that statute in the Indian Act if they did not want to make it easier for corrupt Tribal leaders to designate their surrender? I could understand this if the Tribe itself did not know that we needed to hide our military somewhere under threat, because obviously, it would not be surrender in that case, but co-operation under the disguise of it. But this is not the case, and it will never be the case (As long as I see to it), so obviously, the point remains the same.

We are seeing the Intel Cartel move in on the protests. Through this, Anonymous can keep making the situation worse on the ground. On the ground, it’s the “Street warrior Anonymouses” who take what the Intel Cartel have convinced them to believe, and make it their own knowledge, and in the spirit of communication, present all sorts of skewed emotional truths to the fellow protester. It’s bullshit, and if they really wanted to do something positive, they could call the fucking senate committee on Aboriginal Affairs.

But wait!

Why would they do that if it did not align with the mission of the Intel Cartel? It turns out that this is even for your own good, according to some. You see, some people agree that the world is shit, that thing they got you to believe in. So you actually agree with them. That’s why they get the Knights of Malta and associated parties to do the things they do, which is to cause reformation of the Earth so that the “Children of the Seventh Ray” can be beautiful.


- Matthew

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