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I figured out how life works in 29 years.

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December 19, 2012 in Resistance


Whew. I made it. Somehow I made it 29 years in this crazy place called Earth in this crazy existence called life.

I know I have many years ahead of me now, although sometimes I wonder how I’ve made it this far without screwing up my life. I know that the grace and mercy of God has been on my life. I also know for a fact that God has provided for me every step of the way. He has blessed me with a wife, good friends, a beautiful home and a job.

Sometimes though, I wonder what my exact purpose in life is and if I was meant for something BIG. I watch movies sometimes and see all the amazing adventures some people get to go on. Of course it’s all Hollywood and it’s fantasy. But there are people out there living the dream and content. Some people are living stories that are larger than life. I may not be quite at the point yet, but I have figured out some things that even people double my age don’t comprehend.

I have figured out how life works.

Now you may be thinking to yourself… “What do you mean you have figured out how life works? Isn’t life all about making the most of it, being happy, discovering God and loving others?” Yes that’s what life is all about. But I’m not talking about what life is all about. I’m talking about how life WORKS. Allow me to explain.

It all started when I was in school in the first grade. One day the teacher gave back to me a test paper that she had graded. I remember distinctly looking at one of the questions on it that had a black X on it (for wrong answer, of course). I remember that I disagreed with it…and then the thought occurred to me that I can just make it correct. So I took a pen and wrote C over her X. She saw what I had done, took the paper back and then wrote X on it again and handed me back the paper. Again, I disagreed so then I wrote C over the X again. She took the paper back and took a black marker to write over my C and put her X. Then to double down, she put TAPE over the marker so that I would not do it again. Me, being defiant, decided to take a CRAYON and write C over the tape. Baffled by my persistence, she took away the test paper for me and did not give it back.

From that point forward, I realized that I had a problem with authority and until this day, I must say that I struggle in that area as well.

Fast forward a few years, a few detentions and suspensions later, I remember going to the doctor and explaining my issues. She said, and I quote, “You have a very strong sense of social injustice.” At the time, I thought that was one of the most profound things I have ever heard. Since then, I have challenged the authority, discipline or wisdom of almost everyone—friends, relatives, pastors, church leaders, my employers, and even political leaders. I ran as a delegate for Ron Paul and fought against the establishment. My whole life…I have had a problem with people whom I thought were corrupted by their position of authority and abused it.

It was something that I always knew, but I think it really clicked in my mind over the past few years and solidified in my mind over the past few months and weeks.

The secret is that…earthly man’s authority is but an illusion. What do I mean by that? Well it’s an illusion meaning that it’s imaginary or assumed based on the person’s stature in the community. A person only has as much power as those around them will allow them to have. It can be given as quickly as it can be taken away. It’s either recognized or deemed illegitimate. If there are more people than not that are surrounding the person whom they believe can be entrusted to a power of authority, than they will continue to assume their position of leadership. If that person dies or is overtaken by someone more powerful, they don’t retain any of that authority.

Of course a lot of people that rise to a level of authority by ethical means. They worked hard, earned the respect of those in their family, workplace, community, etc. In the eyes of God, they are a righteous person. So, even though that person’s authority is not something they have inherently, it’s something I am willing to admit that they are worthy of it.

Then there are those that got to their place of power by unethical, selfish or even evil means. Or they started off good and then they turned corrupt when the power got to their head. You see this with a lot of politicians, businessmen, lawyers, law enforcement, etc. They use illusion after illusion to get higher and higher up in their ranks. First it starts with lies. They promise the world and then “situations change” and they can no longer keep their promises. Then they start with the next illusion…which is cheating or stealing. They will sweet talk their way with others to gain more and more stature. But the best (worst) illusion of all is fear…which is what they use to KEEP their position of power. Since we live in a modern age of diplomacy and democracy, it’s usually a fear of less government protections, loss of employment, loss of health/retirement benefits, or other catastrophes in society. They will use events (such as mass shootings) as a precedence to say we need them to save the day and restrict our freedoms. They will even stage some of the events, then take the resources away from those who can help, and then themselves ride in on a white horse and claim that they are your only hope. And people fall for it every time (except those who are awake…).

“Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – Lord Acton, British Historian

But I realize that their power is but an illusion. If another group came in with more resources and firepower, they could be overtaken. No one owns anything on this earth. No group, establishment or nation can claim they own any land, resources, equipment, weapons, etc. If another group decided they want to claim it as their own, they could do so by force. Others around them may not recognize their authority. Or they might. But even today in the instance of Israel, the land their is disputed amongst the Israelis and the Palestinians. If you believe in the idea that there is no God, there is no absolute truth (and the world seems to be going in that direction), then as I said—they are both wrong as neither of them has any absolute truth in their legitimacy if nothing absolute backs them up.

Now if you believe that there is a GOD…then He is the exception to the rule. If He therefore declares something, it must be true as He created everything. It must be true because He created truth and He created existence. He is above mankind, creation, the laws of physics, mathematics, and all other sciences and He is outside space and time. He is not bound by any limitations. And since nothing can challenge Him, not even Satan himself, than He is immune to what governs anyone else. (This is why I get annoyed when people say that God will/has/is beating Satan. No people, Satan was never a contender with God. He was never on any level playing for or even had a slim chance of beating God. God has always stood alone for all of eternity).

So, back to mankind. Knowing that mankind IS on a level playing field and was created equal, this takes sole ownership and absolute authority of any single person out of the question.

I have also realized that once power is assumed, the person or group that gains that power will do everything IN their power to keep said powers. :) In the past, they would rule with in iron fist. Today, they have found that if they give the people under them the illusion of CHOICE, they can gain even more power and get away with more things. They can delegate tasks or decision making abilities to their surrogates, and give the common folks some choices and even a way to bring forth a grievance with some policy or law they have, but in reality they are not going to change their ways. You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT make someone in a position of authority to give up any of their powers. For instance, at my place of employment, I can submit a report about a problem I have a with a decision the company made or a policy, procedure, treatment of myself or others, or the lack of resources I have to do my job the right way. Typically they will acknowledge your concerns, but that is the extent of it. They will not apologize for any decision—as that shows a sign of weakness to their leadership. And they CERTAINLY will not be willing to change their mind on any decisions they made. This is even more true of the government, as we well know. But the fact is…this ploy actually gives them the opportunity for them to pull in the reigns even tighter because now they have this image that they truly care about what people think of them. (HA!)

So what shall we do? Throw all human assumed authority out the window? I would say at first I had this mentality, although maybe not to the extent of anarchism. I believed that we must fight the evil powers head on with everything we have (legally, of course…and even the legal system is in their favor) with no apology and ignoring any consequences for any actions. And I would do things on purpose against the establishment and disobey laws and rules deliberately. Maybe it was even something as simple as running a stop sign, refusing to sign something, opting out of flu shots, ignoring advice, etc). I would say to myself, “I don’t have to listen to you. You don’t have authority over me.” I thought to myself that maybe if I was in court one day for some completely trumped up charge, that I would cause a scene and say to the judge right to his face that I do not “recognize his authority” (in the same way Palestine does not recognize the state of Israel). I would be in contempt of court and act as if how dare someone force me to be here against my will?

After coming to this understanding, I then realized that I only had part of the secret to how life works.

The second part is knowing when to turn the other cheek and work with humanity for the sake of the greater good.

This is what Jesus did. This is what Ron Paul did. This is what anyone who is successful in anything they do—-does. This is what anyone does who wants to accomplish ANYTHING good for the kingdom or just in their own person lives, their careers, their families etc.

This is not the same as sucking up. This is not the same as compromise. This is not the same as giving in. This is not a case of selling out.

This is a case of seeing the forest through the trees. This is where a lot of anarchists, libertarians, rebellious teenagers, and the like have it wrong. YES…you can still work with the “system” yet stick to your principles and fight corruption from within.  Jesus said be IN the world but not of it. We are forced to be in this 3 dimension field of the space-time continuum. We have no choice. We can sit there on our hands like a bunch of pansies or we can fight the fight…while still respecting people. You are not going to win by berating someone, telling someone they are wrong, or through force. No one is going to respect you if you come at them with guns blazing in a china shop. We can’t cut off our nose despite our right to be right. (I am purposefully mixing up sayings ).

This is what the leaders in authority have already figured out. It’s just a matter of whether you use it for the greater good or for the greater evil. You don’t have to “become more evil” than evil itself so that you can double cross it and then blow it away with good. You can “fight the power” where you’re at….by living right and living by the fruits of the spirit. That whole loving your enemy thing being like dumping coals on their heads…that’s the ultimate way to fight back. And people remember the good deeds you did. God will bless you and you will “get ahead”. And I don’t mean just financially. Don’t be fooled to think that because we are supposed to be working for the kingdom that God will not put us in a position of power and influence. It may be all an illusion, but if you can use that illusion for good, then that is what counts.

Just remember that you are a sovereign individual. No one can truly tell you what to do. Stop “asking for permission”. I have found that if you want to get something done, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. BE THE ONE who takes the RIGHT PATH into your own hands. Realize that limitations and restrictions are just part of the apparatus of the illusion of authority. When you see the world before you, and realize you can chart your own destiny, the possibilities are endless! Now of course you can ignore any and all requests or demands from anyone, including loved ones. There of course will be consequences to those. You can decide which battles to fight. Is it going to help your cause or hurt your cause? Do you as a individual have a goal to change the world for a better? Ask yourself, “If I say this now, will this become a stumbling block to my ultimate goal.” Say your goal is to infiltrate or take down an organization that you believe is doing something very evil. Do you go up to the their leader or one of their workers and shoot them point black with a shot gun? Or do you work up an opposition force and garner your own support and followers to compete with them with better ideas and maybe even eventually put them out of a job…from within or without? A great example of this—Alex Jones and his Infowars operation. He does not call for violence, because violence always leads to more violence because the other side wants retribution and vengeance. If you change the hearts and minds of people with BETTER IDEAS, it will have a cascade effect on society. This is why he calls it an INFO WAR. Because violence stems from anger, which stems from pondering and obsessing over years and years of information in the mind that programmed an ideology that forced their hand to action. Unfortunately though, the person who was driven to violence was not able to compartmentalize facts from emotion and reacted with an unfruitful decision.

Life takes a lot of strategy and thinking ahead. You have to think short term, but also long term…if you want to affect positive change for yourself and others. It starts with less fear of the unknown, the acknowledgement in the Creator, and faith and trust that He will lead you down the right path for you.

The next secret that I want to learn is how to take control of my live with self-control and selfless actions.

Until then, I learn.

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  1. You are still learning. Try to write a story not about you. Nobody cares about what you have done, or will be doing. Your next lesson in life is learning it is about everyone else. Lose your insecurities and think of others… Wishing you a successful and happy life full of love. Love is the key to it all.

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