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I am Tired of All of This!

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February 11, 2013 in Resistance


Hello my name is Alex Lyons! I am 15 years old and I have been an info warrior for about 3 years! Whether you question your government or not I am here to tell you that everyone should agree with what I am about to say!

- I am tired of the National Federal Reserve printing our future away! The dollar has declined 90% in 100 years! They have not stopped ONE financial catastrophy in the history of their existence! And one question, why do we pay taxes if they can print money whenever they need it?

- I am tired of the Evil eugenicists and global crafters of our destiny! I am tired of them creating a evil gun control debate for their power! They say they do not want children to get hurt, so they will ban assault weapons! News flash, only 323 people were killed with assault weapons last year! Over 1000 children were killed last year from HANDGUNS! That shows they do not want to protect children, but all they want is control.

- How in the hell does congress justify killing innocent AMERICAN citizens with no trial! Hello where is the fourth and sixth amendment!? The same way with the TSA! I do not know about you, but it is scary when the government can choose who does not have a trial because of their “supposed actions!”

- And lastly I am tired of having the pressure of paying off our national debt! I already owe the government over $50,000! I am PISSED OFF that they are destroying my destiny! God will hold me till the end! These snakes are gross and they are puppets of the Anti-Christ!

-Alex Lyons

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5 responses to I am Tired of All of This!

  1. Its time to begin assembling into local militias. Training, awareness and preparedness is the key to letting Washington know that assaults on our constitutional rights will not be tolerated and we demand the restoral of already intact laws that violate our 2nd. Sgt.Witzig 1st Bakersfield Militia 2nd Infantry Div.

  2. Next time your teacher said the US Constitution is a living a breathing document tell them to stop propitiating a lie.

  3. I’m 50! And wondering what happened to this country? In the 1980s during the Reagan years when everyone was praising him, I heard news reports of job losses and factory closings. Nobody spoke up. In the 1990s there were more factory closings and jobs moving overseas, the talking heads said, Americans don’t want to do those jobs! What gets me is that nobody was listening. Finally in 2008, people got it. Now its too late.

  4. I’m 29, and in a way I’m actually glad I didn’t wake up until 2008, because if I knew more than the basic “huge monopolistic corporations are bad, mmkay?” my head could have literally burst.

    Keep the anger in check, just be confident enough with yourself and your undeniable facts to not… lash out at others if that’s a worry, and so your head doesn’t literally burst. Meditate. Instead of focusing on problems focus on the solutions, such as making your food, marijuana(another good way to calm the head), and alcohol. Alcohol can be made with the waste and byproducts of crops, and can be distilled into fuel. Hence my name.

    Self-sufficiency is the solution, the way to boycott.

    I understand the anger very well, but don’t let it get to you, because that’s how the NWO can win. This is especially true with the ignorant masses, don’t blame them, because the sociopaths in charge WANT civil war, strife, they want to divide and conquer.

    You’re already free no matter what anyone says or does to you. Enjoy your day, enjoy as many moments as possible 8)

  5. i love your post.. im 18 and i am just as fed up with them just as much as you are brother lets go get those mother truckers. this stagnation of the ecomony and of humanity just pisses me off i feel like im ganna blow a head gasket. its time to flood the gas petal to the metal we are at rock bottom theres one way up and unforchently thar may incude war as much as everyone hates that idea and i understand that but im just pointing out the facts

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