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How To Fight Back, Mind Control Defense

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June 8, 2012 in Activism, Resistance


I will be posti ng more about this but please support me on planetgreet.com also.

All of the tools for mind control being used against the American public can be used against the new world order.

Get creative. Stop using your real name online.
Take local self defense classes meetup.com is an excellent source.  you can attack with a knife faster than most people can pull a gun.  you can disarm a gun and break someones fingers off.

learn not to limit yourself

Mind control is being used on you.  Learn more about it on planetgreet.com

A quick sample. Stop and think about what you are thinking about.  Every time you say I want this, I want that. the part of you that hears it is the real you.   sit and relax and with each thought breath out your thoughts.   when you master this your ears will start to ring. more noticeably you’ll start to see better and hear better.   your brain is the receiver of conscious this is why your diets are filled with metal, this is why your being dosed with anti depressants.  (causes brain shrinkage)   you are being controlled with frequencies.  Learn more about this at planetgreet.com and please start with psychic defense.  Also read up on physics.   Everything is energy. it is your mind that creates the patterns you see   your subconscious does not work in words.   you can learn to think faster. you can pick up an object such as a cellphone without your brain  saying “this is a cellphone”  Most of the American diet is designed to slow you down .   stop drinking flouride water, caffeine and eating bread for 1 week you will see and feel it literally your brain will feel sharper and in tune.   social networks are designed to get you to vent and “feel like you did something”   if your friends are not waking up get creative.   instead of just re posting a youtube video change up your comments to something creative that will force your friends to read not just skip over.   Post something like “im so thankfull the bilderbergs want to give all Americans cancer than add a link to a documentary. get creative take real action. send your kids to self defense classes.   find a spot on the site of the road and plant some food.   dont just do it at home.   remember when it gets bad we still can get the message out using the same mind control tactics used on us.   do not seek approval for anything. believe in your cause whether they like you or not.  you are throwing the rope to save your family and friends.   if you want to study more on the brain being the reciever od concious look up Carl jung or edgar cayce.  I apologize for the typos but i have so much to do snd so much i want to do.   find out more about my projects on planetgreet.com and share your videos and blogs. the more viral we make these messages the better. beware of mind control.  learn to master your mind so you know the truth.  You can manipulate energy and when you learn to do it your gonna say “holy shit” I have so much I want to say but Ill end it hear for now

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