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How to better identify members of Anonymous, et al.

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September 20, 2012 in Resistance


Wednesday, September 19, 2012  

For those of you unfamiliar with Anonymous, allow me to fill you in.  Anonymous is a decentralized network of hackers which works in solidarity with the OccupyTogether agenda.  This article is primarily here to help researchers gain fact-based knowledge on the various Anonymous sociotypes which can be used to verify the true identity of Anonymous members.  


1. The “Ambiganons”.  

Ambiganon is a contraction of the two words Ambiguous and Anonymous.  I created the term because it was the most accurate and simple way to describe a member of the so-called “Liberal” community having undergone the conversion process of becoming an Anon.  

The ultimate goal of an Ambiganon is to reveal leaks of infornation in any way possible.  This can be in the form of a tweet, a blog post, or other form of sharing through social media.  

Most commonly, an Ambiganon can be seen in marches, at Occupy rallies, or any other public event (Sporadically at best) wearing the trademark Guy Fawkes mask, which is representative of the entire collective, and it is believed that the mask brings a form of mental confidence.  

This confidence, combined with the traditional wearing of the mask and the touting of traditional conspiracy theorist rhetoric, provides the Ambiganon with a powerful method of acquiring new members for the collective to share. As the Ambigabon does not hack himself, he is reliant upon the work of others to settle his claims of superiority over the given topic.

In theory, the Ambiganon would appear unable to think for himself, not much unlike the common Liberal, but unlike the Liberal, the will of the Ambiganon is diminished by the fact of his dedication to the perspective of the collective.   The media also plays a large role in the knowledge base of the Ambiganon.  

To the Ambiganon, the media that he has learned to draw away from is mostly lies, so he draws toward alternative media, which he believes to be true and, in some extreme cases, politically relevant.  By harnessing this alternative media, he is able to be happy within himself by propagating the knowledge in that media and sharing it with others, commonly using the knowledge to form perspective and win political debates as vaguely as possible.  

Though the Ambiganon is completely unaware of the damage he may be causing by promoting lewd and uninspired propaganda, it is a sign that he is indefinitely in service to mankind by engaging himself in the total work of the collective.    

Indeed, much like the Liberal, it is often an indicator of the Ambiganons moral capacity to do good, however misplaced this intent may be.  

2.  The Intel Cartel  

The Intel-Cartel is a joining of the abbreviated word “intelligence” and the word “cartel”.  I have constructed the term to loosely describe the hidden intelligence network which is comprised of a number of configurations:  

- Often you will see underground behaviour distributed amongst a small group of users.  The function of these pockets of activity is to be as public as possible.  Since the political agenda is a hot topic, it is a guaranteed asset to these groups to be in complete control of the content within the entire “approved” information packages.  

- Another type of underground cluster involves the heavy distribution of personality.  Again, small groups gather a network of followers around them and retweet the data packages given to them by their sources approved by their superiors.  By doing this, the Intel-Cartel has a unique advantage by gaining the ability to shift the playing field on whim.    

- Particularly on The Twiter, you can see how social media can be used as a great field of play for the Intel-Cartel.  Silent accounts randomly pop up and activate.  On The Twitter you can change your twitter handle and the name you want publicly displayed at any given moment.  In a heartbeat, the aforementioned groups in the Intel-Cartel have the advantage to “retweet” their sudden movement of activation.  

The Intel-Cartel seeks to distribute personality at every opportiunity it can strategically use.  Whoever they are, they know the art of a psy-op like no other.  Total NLP guru’s.  Like all animals, the scent of a fresh kill is seductive to say the least…  

Moving on.

3.  Law Enforcement  

While I cannot speak for the intention of every law enforcement officer ever, what I know is that the Law Enforcement officers on duty surrounding the case of Anonymous are just as hungry as the Intel-Cartel.  That’s not to say they don’t often hide in perspective, but I think deep down they want to catch the hidden network behind Anonymous.    

The methodology of officials on duty varies almost daily.  It truly is like they wear those suits from A Scanner Darkly, in that they distribute data that varies and keeps a “looped” perspective within the user.  

Often it can be seen that a few of them might hold a popularity contest amongst them, but this is meant only to draw attention to themselves and distract your reality with a newly “blended” one.  This enables personality to be generated, and the group may grow in size, ultimately harnessing more users to incorporate more groups.  

More popularity contests ensue.  

And finally…  

4.  The Hackers  

It definitely isn’t often you come across the random creations of some obscure clique of hackers, so when you do, consider yourself lucky.    

Anonymous hackers are the hardest to identify for a number of reasons:

- Firstly, their exploits are covered by a select few, who often inject this news rapidly to create personality.    

- Secondly, a hacker works almost like a real ninja would.  The art of being invisible is key, and Anonymous provides that feeling of increased anonymity, notwithstanding the array of “cloaking” tools the hacker may have.    

- Thirdly, hacking is a crime, and not something to draw too much attention to in the wrong ways.  In the case of the collective’s end goals, however, news of these exploits are subject to assimilation by any of the four Anonymous sociotypes described in this document as a form of personality.  

From what I’ve gathered about the Lulzsec crew and all of those other crews that popped up randomly this year, they still have their spheres of influence, and their motives may perhaps be agitated by the Liberal media.  It is true to say that many a lad became more Libertarian after witnessing the lies of Liberal media, not to mention the countless leaks they have posted online at Wikileaks and elsewhere *cough*pastebin*cough*

Who is holding the reigns of that sleigh, one can’t help but wonder.  


So for now I hope this article will help the reader understand what essentially is the byproduct of my research on Anonymous.  Take it into consideration on your travels, if you wish.

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