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How to awaken the masses?

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January 14, 2013 in Resistance


My Friends,

It has been a while since I have posted in here so I will keep this short.

None of this talk will ever work until we answer a simple question. Since this VERY important, I would like to hear your voice on this one:


How do we achieve global awakening if we cannot stand unified against a minor listening to loud music on a bus?

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3 responses to How to awaken the masses?

  1. It really difficult to wake people. Unless they will to do so, there’s not much you can do or say to get the message across. Cognitive dissonance, is very complex aspect of human psyche and many people are unaware of it. So when you present some with this type of information they resist and instead of taking in the message you are trying to convey to them they instead formulate questions and trivial points of view to discredit you and make it difficult to stay on subject.

    My mother, for example, I would liken to an ostrich with her head in the ground. The last time I tried to explain the now order to her she asked suspiciously,” Who is THEY?”
    You can imagine the rest of discussion didn’t go very well. It’s like she refuses to accept the fact that her son is trying protect her and she feel like she needs to protect me from all the crazy conspiracy theories. It’s incredibly frustrating if you can imagine.
    As far as, waking up the masses, I’ve feel like I can make for progress with a more subtle approach. Starting small and sticking to things that aren’t quite so complex, like water fluoridation or just things that are directly affecting the person your trying to reach. Rather than trying explain how this system of control and the elite agenda of world domination that’s been plotted for centuries.

  2. My friend, you have to become the example. Do you truly wish to target the child? Maybe he would come to something interesting to him. He, like many others, have no interest in boring things. This is everyone’s way of life. He has been bred to believe it. The kids of the new social boom, the next generation, rely on their parents for their direction. Just go to school, just do your homework, just eat your food, just play in your room and/or watch TV. This happens to millions of children across this continent.

    And you know something else? People know it and lie in wait for an excuse to snatch them, perhaps during crisis.

  3. With respect, get a grip of yourself.

    You liken a youngster listening to music more loudly than you care to hear in public to genuine issues you and I clearly share.

    Instead of complaining or seeking back-up to confront what is frankly irrelevant, why not engage the kid in conversation, and thus give yourself an opportunity to a) have them lower the volume so you can enthuse about their lousy taste (you win), and b) take the opportunity to provide a fact of interest that affects them regarding something you`d like to awaken them on in a way they might take on board (you win)

    The way to awaken anyone is a very simple process. You focus upon what you have in common. If you can`t immediately see what you have in common, you use your smarts to initiate conversation, then when the initial ice is broken, you again use your smarts to work a conversation to make your points.

    As you already know, sometimes it works, other times, people are just a buried head in the sand, but keep on trying Jerry.

    As my Grandfather used to always say to me….what is the point of wisdom if you`re afraid to use it. Bless you

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