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How the News Media and Social Media create a platform of success for the Intel Cartel

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December 28, 2012 in Resistance


Sunday, December 28, 2012

The Intel Cartel is an agency which influences the fundamental thought processes of humans through the human interpretation of living entities, such as people, and non-living entities, such as publications. Although the contemporary understanding of the Intel Cartel does not reflect the great significance of its use, nevertheless, the Intel Cartel continues to beat the new path of knowledge for humanity in the name of righteousness, and purity of thought. The agency has friends and enemies, but though neither set of people understands the identity of it, they both understand it in the way that was created for them. Not much use being secret if everyone knows it exists, especially given the type of work to be done. And so, for the bravest of minds, we commonly indulge in the common understanding that this is the work of “secret societies” or the all-seeing “Illuminati”.

This discourse will eliminate such educated guesses, and disperse the proper format of thought as it is surrounding the nature of this group, but will not name names in order to preserve the clarity of the identification process. Perhaps you will find enlightenment, perhaps you will not, but you will find the truth of their organism, and, perhaps hopefully, perhaps not, you come to understand that truth is sometimes written irrespective of preference. In a societal norm, the use of news and social media is used for the gaining of knowledge, as that is now the proper, more modern understanding of the function of a television or computer. While factually wrong, as I said, that is the societal norm. It matters not who thinks what before becoming hypnotized by the screen.

The Intel Cartel operate under a guidance that dictates how they shall work. As was mentioned, the use of non-human entities is just as critical for establishing platforms of success as the human entities are. Though both are quite similar, both types offer different strategies to success, and limitations that lead to failure. Success and failure are therefore dependent on the effectiveness of these two types of agency working together, knowingly or not.
We shall now discuss their usefulness:

Non-Human Entities: This group carries similarity to human entities because a non-human entity; can simulate the experience of a human entity; can be anthropomorphized; can have conceptual diversity; can act on behalf of an interest; and can be depended on for usefulness. They are commonly used as a platform from which human entities can derive their inevitable success, and are sometimes used as an object of interest in that scenario. A non-human entity is limited to the entirety of its scope; for instance, a newspaper and a reporter can have just as much impact on the scope of perception of the reader, but will inevitably draw different associations within that same reader, also based on prior work. The main theme of a non-human entity is the term “institution”.

Human Entities: This group carries similarity to non-human entities because a human entity; can simulate the experience of a non-human entity; can be idolized; can have conceptual diversity; can act on behalf of an interest; and can be depended on for usefulness. They are commonly used as independent carriers of disassociative behavior, and can move freely between realms of thought. A human entity is limited to the entirety of its scope: for instance, while a reporter may reflect the views of the newspaper he or she reports through, subtle inclinations of favoritism, as with the non-human entity, will arise in some form or the other. The main theme for a human entity is “individualization”.

In observing both of these types of people in contemporary culture, we find a drastic rift between who really is a member of the Intel Cartel, and who is simply a human or non-human entity in your life. Often times, the inclination to yell “Spy!” or “Espionage in general!” can be a useful tactic to help yourself identify your own issues with life, as commonly, these people or things have nothing to do with the scope of your pursuit, but merely “bad memories”. You may or may not find it useful to rediscover your own brain before attempting to identify anyone of interest, because it is easy to see their influence spread amongst us, but like tracing back your ancestors, there’s only one path to the truth. I can tell you the structure of the Intel Cartel all I want, but your associative behavior will always be challenged on some contentious level, so I suggest you get your bearings, and reflect on what is important to you, as well.

Mass dispersal of media is a key strategy for the success of an Intel Cartel operation. It is derived from the concept that with more soldiers at your disposal on one field of battle, the more likely your chances of winning will be. Therefore, by breaking down the interests of the target in the contemporary view, we are able to see how their interests can change when new information is present, and in what direction they will change. Through this understanding, the Intel Cartel was able to successfully derive the usefulness of otherwise “useless platforms” and “useless people”. While these platforms and people do not grow, and are therefore useless, they can do things, and that is useful, because the sphere of influence of the Intel Cartel grows, and that is not useless, at least for them. Baseless claims and baseless websites are the end product of acting upon this strategy; take your interpretation of that carefully.

In the news media, the ideas presented are like weapons to the human observer. In terms of usefulness to the Intel Cartel, every news report aired, published or issued daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually is corrupted as such. That is how the general consensus of the people within the reach of the media is constructed, as that is the socially accepted accumulator. The studio is the hopper, feeing the camera pipeline, and finally, extruding into your brain for storage. From there, a range of ideas can further be broken down by personal experience, and the new knowledge is the base for correction for the Intel Cartel when it reaches their ears. If you could not have news, you could not have a proper global perception, which is relative in all ways possible, which is limited to the number of people watching news.

In the world of social media, the ideas presented are like weapons to the human observer. In terms of usefulness, every like, tweet, blog, post, thread, email, or digg is corrupted as such. In the way that each one of those things comes together as individual human experiences, it is also like that when used for the success of the Intel Cartel. And by golly, a swamp of madness is just as useful as a soup of truth for them. When you have a total mass who is hooked on the culture of the internet, which surprisingly doesn’t change at all over time, it is easy to dominate those few target areas of interest with further influence and associative behaviors that can be used elsewhere. If social media is a death trap for the brain, certainly it was the Intel Cartel who made it that way.

How the Intel Cartel can influence these groups varies from network to network, and from day to day if desired. Ultimately they have one solution that enables them to be as a safe as possible while working from a distance, and also enables them to sneak into the situation undetected. Below is one such example using the rhetoric surrounding the concept “NDAA”:

The Network of the Intel Cartel
Click here for the full picture

I use this example as prime proof of the diversity of the organization. In this example we have identified 4 subgroups, into which the Intel Cartel organizes its network. You will notice agents of the Intel Cartel marked red, as they are the “Primary” level from which influence flows to the “Basement” Level and beyond. Commonly, once this chain has occurred enough, it will inevitably exclude red as much as possible, and when red has to make his/her entrance, it will be extremely discreet and unprovable during the situation you may be in. It can occur in either platform, and both platforms, using this method, provide a direct access to success for the Intel Cartel.

So what does it really mean? To sum it up, you can; do this at home; do this as a profession; and most importantly, do it easily. The success of the Intel Cartel mainly derives from the element of surprise. Nobody suspecting the Intel Cartel for their belief will ever be victim to it again, though extreme paranoia will arise. This is why I told you to consult as much as possible regarding yourself, because your perception of life is about to change. Their influence can be a skyscraper in downtown, it can be a post on the internet, the color of the sign on the road, as well as the conditions of the road during any given season. That’s truly how big it is, because of who lay down this foundation, and who we as a people entrusted it to. Many societal norms work into each other, and in a world of diversity, the true voice of prosperity is being snuffed.

It was inevitable that some would perceive the influence, and that their behavior would be guided, because society was growing. Perceptions were opening as media took the normally illiterate world by force in the new age of technology. The old ways of educated men reading newspapers to keep up with daily events is gone, and is now there for all to see and participate in. When the old Intel Cartel began this journey into mass populism and neoliberalism, they knew that embracing knowledge would not work out for the negatively inclined. They predicted that a subject will revolt against its ruler when the subject is allowed to feel animosity towards the authority of his ruler, and even more so when that animosity is further fed through natural consequences of interpreting similar confirmations in the subjects environment. It forces the subject to become the ruler, and therefore, if the ruler does not compete, he will be defeated by his subject because of the strength and glorification of jealousy.

Therein is the conclusion; contemporary politics does not allow for political freedom to suddenly emerge in the future, be it in the form of revolution or through societal transformation, and through the Intel Cartel, the resulting dictatorship will remain everlasting and invisible. The only way to break the will of the Intel Cartel is to uphold your moral justice. It means learning how to re-interpret yourself in what you see. I will give you a secret: you project your own ideas onto someone elses subject first almost all of the time, and you can feel free to tell me how much I’m wrong when you’ve undergone the serious change of interpreting that in your own actions.

One does not walk around the wall expecting to walk into it, and therefore, there is freedom in slavery, even if it is only useful some of the time ;)

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2 responses to How the News Media and Social Media create a platform of success for the Intel Cartel

  1. In referrence to the diagram; yellow acted correctly when given the info, he understood the threat, and most likely will take precautions in some way to prevent being hauled away to a ditch to be shot in the back of the head. And because of red, calling yellow irrational and a tin hat conspiracy theorist, many people will be caught off guard and hauled away to the ditch.

    So,don’t be sheeple!!! Investigate and verify everything you are told, but never dismiss something outrighty because it sounds to outlandish, or fall in line with the sheeple because of peer presure and collectivism, for the latter will lead you to the ditch for sure.

  2. in their ever present endeavor to inform,and, deceive, they lose all credibility to truth.

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