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How the Intel Cartel killed Adam Lanza and his Brother and his Mother

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December 17, 2012 in Resistance


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8 responses to How the Intel Cartel killed Adam Lanza and his Brother and his Mother

  1. Giving a thought to it, gives “it” power. This is nobody’s fault except those involve, in one way or another. We can do nothing about history, e.g. 9/11, gulf of tonkin, USS Liberty, fake child assassinations in conn. etc etc etc… We can only think of tomorrow and now.

  2. this stunk from the first reports, false flag bigtime, guns, mental ilness (?) doomsday preppers, going after 3 at once. never before saw so many things i apparently didnt see after all. may our creator have mercy on us all !!

  3. Yes nicely written and I am sick of it because these murders only happen because of MKULTRA mind control. It is mind control mind control and mind control. That needs to be the argument. Secret dark government agents created sleepers to commit these crimes so people scream for gun control and other losses of freedom.

  4. Nicely written. Ill tune in to your newsbroadcast from now on instead of anderson cooper. We need real journalists like you who break down facts and give it to the public who needs to hear more of “the Truth.”

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