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How the Intel Cartel killed Adam Lanza and his Brother and his Mother

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December 17, 2012 in Resistance


Monday, December 17, 2012  

Adam Lanza is a 20 something, autistic, son of what is called a “Doomsday Prepper”.  He was first known to the general public when he and his brother went into Sandy Hook Elementary School to cause the murder of 20 or so people.  Adam Lanza then died by supposedly taking his own life, and his brother was taken into custody.  Both men had guns in their possession.  Adam was armed with the “Bushmaster” (Non-restricted edition) and two pistols, whereas his brother only equipped the single pistol.    

Since the shooting, there has been a very long process of review in the case.  The police were on scene within a short period, and immediately took Adam Lanza’s brother into custody.  I believe that the FBI is attempting to break the boy before bringing his testimony into the public spectrum of knowledge, or that they have completed the report and it is the mainstream media which fails to report it.  Given the specifics of this case, it is probable that both are true because of the way this information HAS to be played out.  There are rules to reporting, and you don’t keep reporting on things which “benefit” the assailant or associated parties.    

There are a number of facts which support this argumentation.  Firstly, Robbie Parker, the father of dead girl “Emilie Parker”, now has a trust fund set up in her name.  Nice money grab, but it’s more likely he was “coerced” into creating it (If you can call it coercion).  He said publicly that Adam Lanza was blessed to have exercise his god given right to blast the kids, and further said we should all remember this fact.  But since this was only available once on live TV, it has since been edited out.  The fact remains that it is not the god given blessing which is the issue, but Adam Lanza himself, because it was, and is, still repeated from his mouth that we were all blessed to have Emilie in our lives for a short time.  

Anderson Cooper had also played a large role in the immediate wake of damage control.  Anderson continually blasphemed the name of Adam Lanza by continuing to send his name into the abyss (With great futility).  It has since been repeated multiple times.  On his show that night, he was able to be seen galavanting around the town, inviting the suffering people, still rocked by the projection of evil, to answer questions based on their fears, which he knew would evoke an emotional response big enough to destroy Adam Lanza’s reputation as a nice boy, and was able to further enforce the idealism which was impessed onto reporters everywhere since the beginning of all school shootings.  

There are numerous facts which are continually mentioned in the news that do not prove his guilt.  The first is that his guns belonged to his mother.  The second is that his mother is dead.  The third is that all the people killed had died from “long gun” wounds.  The fourth is that he came all the way from Newton to Sandy Hook to kill these people.  The fifth is that he has always been a nice boy.  The sixth is that his mother was a Doomsday Prepper and everyone knew it.  The seventh is that none of the children have identified Adam Lanza as the killer.  

Let us first establish that he did not kill his mother.  

The family is a close knit family.  Adam Lanza had autism, a disease which is caused by defunct or dead brain cells.  This caused his mother to enter protection mode.  She took care of her child with great finesse.  This is proven because she became a gun collector and continually worried for everyones safety in the event of social collapse.  This means she had a close bond with her son beyond comprehension, and implicates hidden third party.

Let us now address the issue of the family bond.  Adam Lanza was accompanied to the shooting by his brother.  This would indicate support from his family on this issue.  He did not havea guilty mind to kill a person becauee he did not shoot anyone, nor “split up” to accomplish more damage.  This is indicative of the fact that the brother was there because he believed it was right, and it further, that he was always going to come out of it alive to tell the story.  This is why he is being hidden and remaining inaccessible to investigation, and the Intel Cartel has benefitted greatly from this.  

Finally, let us address the issue of his disappearance.  President Obama, in a statement about the incident, said that we must deal with this issue “regardless of the politics”.  This means that he has not been properly informed, merely that this is bad and is going to stir up political views across the board.  He has appointed the Intel Cartel to advise him, unless even the advisors don’t know that Adam Lanza’s brother is in custody, which is unlikely because this fact was reported throughout the first day and then dismissed entirely.  This implies that the cabinet of advisors are corrupt, and are committing treason for misinforming the President intentionally.  

Ah yes, therein is the link to the President and the idea that he is an “NWO Superglobalist”.  One has to understand that in order to determine guilt, one cannot go off the beaten path of “innocent until proven guilty” at all, even under advisement, because that advisory is corrupted by default.  True, he does not have to say Adam Lanza had his brother with him until the very end, but he should, to prove he is not misinformed and therefore not a Neo-Nazi stooge.    

Now we may properly disseminate the fact that this is not a surprise shooting.  In China, it reported that, amongst the supposed wave of public murder, there has been a situation implicating a “mentally ill” person in the stabbing of 20 or so kids at a public school.  None of these children died because the slasher was a paid idiot.  He obviously did not want to kill anyone, or the kids would surely all be dead.  Even I can assure the death of a little child with a knife.  This fact, amongst the knowledge that they control a significant amount of telecommunications infrastructure in the USA (And possibly Canada, likely but not confirmed, click here for more on that.), implies a direct control over the subject in favor of further military goals in the United States.  

So now that we have cleared Adam Lanza’s name as much as is possible with current information, I can safely conclude that Adam Lanza, and all recent similar events, are precursors to the disarming of North America so that invasion may occur.  Who, may I ask, will come to our aid in the event of that?  Will the world band together to save America and Canada, or will Canada be inept at further discovering that the new FIPA prevents us from helping the United States?  

Pistis Sophia Zoe, brothers and sisters.  Now is the time to fight and defend these lands.  We cannot aggress the enemy.  We cannot imply war.  We cannot seek allies.  These are the catches to that war.  We


destroy the mechanism of influence, no matter what that implies, so long as it does not violate the sacred tenets at the beginning of this paragraph, and the rest WILL take care of itself in time.

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8 responses to How the Intel Cartel killed Adam Lanza and his Brother and his Mother

  1. Giving a thought to it, gives “it” power. This is nobody’s fault except those involve, in one way or another. We can do nothing about history, e.g. 9/11, gulf of tonkin, USS Liberty, fake child assassinations in conn. etc etc etc… We can only think of tomorrow and now.

  2. this stunk from the first reports, false flag bigtime, guns, mental ilness (?) doomsday preppers, going after 3 at once. never before saw so many things i apparently didnt see after all. may our creator have mercy on us all !!

  3. Yes nicely written and I am sick of it because these murders only happen because of MKULTRA mind control. It is mind control mind control and mind control. That needs to be the argument. Secret dark government agents created sleepers to commit these crimes so people scream for gun control and other losses of freedom.

  4. Nicely written. Ill tune in to your newsbroadcast from now on instead of anderson cooper. We need real journalists like you who break down facts and give it to the public who needs to hear more of “the Truth.”

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