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How Chief Theresa Spence was robbed, and the link to the Governor General

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January 13, 2013 in Resistance


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yesterday I posted an article that caused some to question the validity of what I was saying. I implied that it was the “renegade First Nations” taking us for a ride by robbing Theresa Spence of the money given to her by the CMHC. There was also a lack of the proper chain of events that linked the Crown to all of this. I will try to elaborate on what I meant here.

When the CMHC gave the AANDC the money to send out to Attawapiskat, there was an understanding that this would do good for the reserve. As money began funneling in, they came across a few reasonable solutions, such as power generation, water purification, and affordable housing. These contracts were given to the agreed upon corporations such as Manitoba Environmental, who received 11 million dollars of the total sum, to do their work. Hilariously, this fact has been removed from the data map which is the Internet, while there is only mention of a company called “Manitoba Conservation” with associated reports on their website. At least in this example, Manitoba Environmental (Or Conservation, apparently) reportedly took the money, began work, and just left completely after starting the project, with no mention of why or how the project ended.

Shall I forget to discuss in detail the diesel generators poisoning the rivers in Attawapiskat and killing dozens of people who depend on that resource, and how that might tie in with anger from other First Nations?

This brings me to my next point. The shutdown of these facts are not coincidental to me. The fact that there is no paperwork to validate what happened with this corporations work is even more surprising, but not unreasonable. Manitoba Environmental must have left because if it was indeed a crown corporation, then the Governor General has a direct say in what they do. The fact that this may have been the work of rival tribes fits with the description of the problem in the audit. If there was a possibility that a rival tribe, angered by the work of the “greedy whites”, came up to the workers and began making the situation tense, that is where the Governor General would have had a meeting with them and shut their operation down, especially if these same people were causing a shit-fest in the paperwork.

Notice, very closely, this statement, in the letter to Chief Spence by the auditors:

During our audit work, we noted that management was unable to demonstrate that it had implemented appropriate financial processes and controls throughout the duration of the period under audit, such as:

  • Documentation retention procedures – files should be retained on financial transactions for an appropriate period (in this case, the agreement specifies 7 years);
  • Appropriate segregation of duties over tasks which should be undertaken by different people;
  • Reconciling procedures from the general ledger to claimed expenditures; and,
  • Implementing and monitoring key internal controls to manage operations effectively and efficiently.

We also know that this is not the first time that bad things have been happening in Attawapiskat. First there was the diesel fuel being spilled into the river. That, combined with many other things, lead to a new solution for First Natives under Harpers leadership. But then Manitoba Environmental came, took 11 million dollars, and LEFT, that same 11 million that was supposed filter out all that diesel from the water. The only reason I could ever see someone stop doing what they do for a living is because they COULD NOT continue. The conditions did not allow it, and that speaks volumes when in combination with the findings of the audit.

Whatever truly happened, it was mismanagement because of trust, and that trust proved fallible. Whatever they said, be it for unity, or words against division, they LIED. The division has already begun. The trust is fallible once again. And now, we are sitting on a situation where we have privateers organizing a liberation of the First Nations. This must stop becoming worse, and you must see, the division is going to SCREW First Nations under the First Nations Land Management Act (FNLMA) and C-45, when the Indian Act finally disappears due to redundancy.

The FNLMA was written by the Conservative cabinet and therefore written by example of precedent and contemporary opinion. NONE should sign it until it has been rewritten under the guidance of First Nations. And that’s the thing, it came down to the opinion of the Queen when the cabinet finalized it. David Johnston is fully aware of it, or he’s been lied to, and that is a situation I do not want to ignore, as those “renegade First Nations” may have been lied to as well.

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2 responses to How Chief Theresa Spence was robbed, and the link to the Governor General

  1. There was a point where other tribes were enabled to manage things, possibly the money from the diamonds, and that’s only if she had direct access to the money in their contract. Many people potentially had control of that money, it comes down to narrowing that down. Stay sharp, new article coming :)

  2. What about all the money from the Diamond mine that the chief got. We are talking about millions of $ that come in every month? Where did that go? and were they ripped off of that too.

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