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Gun Group fears domestic Death Squads back

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February 11, 2013 in Resistance


February 11, 2013. Carnesville. Gun control activists chalk it up to karma or divine justice. Gun rights activists on the other hand, insist the mysterious deaths of two high profile 2nd Amendment activists in the weeks after the tragic Sandy Hook shooting raise more questions than answers. With both killed on deserted rural roads, one with a gunshot to the head, some fear Presidential death squads are back.


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3 responses to Gun Group fears domestic Death Squads back

  1. I have a feeling that they(gov forces) will be shocked when the patriots and vets stand together,and they realize just how many snipers with the right weapons are amongst us(pats & vets)

  2. My guess is that they have always been there. Notice how the military is using snipers in larger numbers. Last summer remember it was reported that U.S. snipers in Colorado were training Russian snipers. For the first time in modern history, it is more important to the banker elite to eliminate all political opposition.

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