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Fed Government Has Failed! Meant to Serve Not Rule U.S.!

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November 29, 2012 in Resistance


Is the government suppose to rule over or serve us? Corporations are not people but our government sure serves their interests, yet we know the paradigm of special interests stretches way deeper than just business. Facade Supreme Court rulings are destroying the true notions of reality. A person is a human being not a collective of them. Common sense is being wrecked by direly corrupt entities. Even the lower levels have begun exerting authority unjustifiably. They view themselves as individual authorities through rank instead of servants for goodness. Their delusion is a reflection correlative to our federal government higher “officials” who believe themselves to be rulers for special interests rather than serving within the best of public interests; common good and liberty. I feel as though my life process is charged “interest” because of those who falsely see themselves as rulers when truth is they are meant to serve, Government of the People for the People!

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