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Gold is going to crash, so the United States should consider taking over the Gold market

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January 5, 2013 in Resistance


Saturday, January 05, 2012

Why are you here? Because you want to know about why Gold is going to crash, and/or you want to know why the United States should be the ones to take it over.

Let us begin (This will be a short article):

Why will Gold crash?

Quite simply, we are dealing with a commercial plotline, which roughly follows Problem-Solution-Reaction. You are in trouble, therefore you should escape that trouble! Or, as it is put in this circumstance, “You have no money, so you should safely invest in Gold to protect yourself“.

This is what is called an accumulator of knowledge. You know you have no money, which is kind of like having nothing at all in the standard realization, and you have a solution that ties in directly with a standard realization, which is to invest in Gold because you will benefit greatly.

The problem with that train of thought is because of how many people care little about the welfare of other people. You didn’t hear those commercials saying “We’re all in trouble without Gold!”, just that “YOU were in trouble without gold”. So, officially, nobody gives a fuck about the next man.

And finally, how the stupid thing will crash in the first place is simple: If everyone gets in a panic over the Economy again, we’re gonna see a sell off of Gold and Silver. Now BIG people are in the hole BIG TIME, and regardless if they’re domestic or foreign, it’s gonna be invasion, motherfucker.

Why should the US government take it over?

If there were a practical solution, it would be that since the Gold market is traded in $USD, the USA should have it, and it should be illegal for other countries to buy in American gold stocks. They should have their own, and therefore, the USA should take over their own.

This will be done by establishing a “crash price”. See, once the big players sell off, the price will drop significantly. But to compensate for the crisis that was to emerge, setting the price at $1,250/ounce should be sufficient.

Why $1,250?

Because then people who are in the hole are significantly less in the hole, considering the current price. They evaluate their losses, which are minimal and probably not exceeding 20% of original investment, and everyone smiles, and nobody gets invaded due to weakness YAY!

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3 responses to Gold is going to crash, so the United States should consider taking over the Gold market

  1. EDIT: Look out below!

  2. You can ramble through all of that and not state one fact, that was amazing.
    Gold is the currency God made, paper money is the currency man made, which will last longer?
    Gold was harder to carry around with you, not to mention the risk of loss through robbery. The banks (of the time) made deposits of gold in exchange for paper. The bankers simply printed more paper than gold to get more wealthy (than interest). They were usually hung or beheaded for unfair weights or measures.
    The central banks are printing money at a phenomenal rate, more paper than gold in their deposits. What do you think will happen to the price of gold when people find out? You said it will go down, most experts disagree with you. The market manipulation (via electronic futures trading) is keeping the price of gold and silver down right now. But like a beach ball pushed under the surface, it will bob back up.
    The one ounce of gold has not changed since they have been weighing it, the currency you are buying it in has devalued since around the 1900s. It is further devaluing and this is somewhat reflected in the price increasing since 2000.
    They (the central banks, and capital banks) own enough money to play the markets in microsecond increments to drive the price to any point in any time. Whether it will trigger a sell off, no one knows. But until the price of gold reaches fair market value, the price will increase. After it gets above fair market value, it will drop like it did in the 1980s.
    I am sure you are not interested in that inflection point but others are.

    Add the monetary base (H3) to the revolving credit (G19) (in billions) and compare that to the price of gold to see where the price of gold can go to. Not coincident numbers puts the fair market value at around 3522/oz (months old data).
    As they print 85 Billion/month, put that into the banking system at 9:1, that creates 765 Billion they have to buy the bonds, of which they have to maintain over 385 Billion/Mo. just to pay the interest on the Treasury bonds.
    This money printing is going parabolic, until the time the market wakes up. People will be running towards the exits from paper to tangible assets. At that point you will have wanted to have gold.
    The NWO currency will be backed by gold to establish some credibility. I would rather have a gold coin rather than a wheel barrel full of dollars at that point in time.
    Gold is not the play really. Silver is the play, there is only so much silver in the world. We have not been able to mass produce it from other materials yet. So there is so much being used in industry, so much being coined and the yields are less and less out there. There will be a world shortage in silver after a while. It may not happen this year, but unless they can find a source, the price will go up just on demand.

    • “Gold is the currency God made”

      I am laughing! Ah yes, the laughter is immense! You may be right that it’ll be used, but remember all those guys buying up gold? Even if they’re in the hole over the crash of gold, they still have gold to sell at the new menial price.

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