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Freedom Isn’t Free

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January 30, 2013 in Resistance


I am writing this article to inform infowarriors everywhere of my experience of being detained against my will for 20 days in a psyche ward and subjected to harmful psychotropic drugs.

In 2011 I decided to protest peacefully in public on the anniversary of 9/11 to inform and educate others about 9/11 truth. Various people I later learned after my release when I reviewed the medical records had alledged that I was a violent threat and that I had assaulted someone. Had I not looked at my medical file I would never have known such false statements even existed. My mail was tampered with, Social Security Benefits were unaccounted for, medical records were falsified numerous times, I was not informed of the medication or its side effects while I was detained and suffered horrific side effects for weeks, my personal effects were tampered with. I have been under surveillance and have been cyberattacked numerous times. My devices that run by battery I have visually seen them drained right before my eyes. Numerous things that I post on facebook and even on planetinfowars are selectively blocked or intercepted. Videos on my website and ones I put on facebook are constantly pulled by youtube. My email is being monitored every time I try to send urgent info to someone who has a radio show it fails. I had found manuals in archives and other info and tried numerous times to send the info to infowars.com and Ask Alex but my browser would repeatedly crash. I could only post to certain groups and then only private messages at times. It sounds unbelievable but we are being monitored here too.

I contacted several agencies such as OMH, NAMI, PAMI, ACLJ, CAll 4 Action, Mental Hygiene Legal Services. About various issues only to be met with resistance.

My family is only partly awake and very much in denial. All this only serves to make me even stronger. The answer to 1984 is 1776.My website http://freedomangel1776.com contains urgent info on bioweapon mandatory vaccines and what they contain under the evidence and more evidence links on the site. The website is a work in progress and I will be updating regularly.

Here is breaking update my bank website is showing covert suspect activity. My security steps to access my online banking has been usurped. I analyzed some and when I phoned bank they were asking questions they weren’t supposed to be asking everyone should only keep a bare minimum in the bank. It can and will happen at any moment your money will either disappear and blamed on hackers or you just won’t have access as it won’t let you access your accounts. Think about it that’s why they are pushing paperless accounts! Print statements daily don’t let them get away with it. Take my advise or be prepared to suffer the consequences.

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  1. That is frustrating. However, please do not automatically chalk up all of life’s difficulties, especially technological difficulties, to government. I do believe you, but please understand that it sounds unbelievable, incredible. You’ll make a stronger argument if the laundry list of personal grievances is left out.

    Recently, I find myself constantly reminded of a Nirvana lyric, “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you”, which is solid logic.

    Thanks for sharing and I wish you Godspeed in your quest to reveal truth to the world.

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