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Fiscal Cliff or Political Bull

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December 8, 2012 in Resistance


Fiscal Cliff or Political Bull
Copyright December 8, 2012
Ronald Boldt

Obama has been preaching and hollering about a fiscal cliff and the right for him to have to power to raise the debt ceiling, and cut the deficit. Yet again the Obama Zombies and king zombie Obama against forget to read the Constitution and understand it.

The president does not have the power to mandate taxes, OBAMACARE, Raise funds via taxes, Carbon Taxes; let alone tell both the Congress and Senate that he has power to demand and do what he wants through Executive Orders.

This proves that he was never a constitutional lawyer or professor, because he would not be violating the Constitution and Bill Of Rights as much as he has been doing.

Here are some simple facts to cut the deficit.

End the War on Drugs. This has done nothing more than cost the taxpayers billions of dollars to prosecute and house prisoners who happen to be smoking grass. The government, i.e. ATF, DEA, CIA and FBI all are transporting distributing and selling the drugs, and yet the user is punished. It was proven time and again and admitted by these agencies that they are doing this and yet they never get punished.
Any government agent that commits a crime should be executed, even if they say it is to reel in bigger fish. Who are they reeling in Obama?
The War on Drugs is costing the American taxpayers 15 billion a year, and over a 160 plus billion for building prisons to house these offenders, and that is not including the cost of per day to house these prisoners.
By ending this so called War on Drugs, would save the American taxpayers over 20 plus billion dollars per year.

Allow Medicare/Medicaid to Deal Directly with Big Pharma.
By doing this it could save the taxpayers over 50 billion a year on high cost prescription drugs.

End Off Shore Tax Havens
This would bring into this country over 100 billion a year, not excluding the tax revenues. If an American or American Company has overseas banking account then they lose their property and a freeze is placed on their accounts until all taxes are paid to make up for loss of taxes.

End No Bid Contracts
This will increase the tax revenue by billions, due to the fact that other companies can make bids that are cheaper and do better work then these corporations that bought their way into the politico pockets.

End use of Mercs.
According the federal law it is illegal to own assault fire arms, machine guns and explosives and yet these Merc Companies are allowed to. The government pays out trillions in the past ten years to Merc Companies to operate in Afgh, and Iraq.

Go to making coins vs paper money.
By minting coins versus making paper money would save tax dollars. By just making one dollar coins instead of bills it would save over 5 billion dollars.

End Detaining Illegal Aliens
It cost $125 dollars per day per person. So make them work off this debt by building the wall between US and Mexico. Once they are processed tag them with RFD chips and make sure that they cannot cross over again.

Add a tax to buy and selling of stocks.
This sales tax of just 1% would bring in over 500 billion a year.

Many people will buy and sell stocks over and over again, called pump and dump; then doing this over and over again would generate in excess a trillion a year at the standard pump and dump that is going on with the stock market.

End Bailouts of Companies
Companies do not need to be bailed out with taxpayer’s dollars, make them take a loan or go bankrupt. No company is too big to fail.

End Government Employees and Elected Officials From Getting Free Vacations.

Obama had taken over 14 vacations in that past four years racking up over 300 billion in bills that We The People are paying for. And for this holiday he wants to take a 17 day vacation and that means again another 20 plus million dollar.

Everyone should be forced to fly coach, and that includes the elected officials, be sexually assaulted by the TSA and pay their own way.

The only problem with this is Obama would enjoy it too much being anally probed, since he likes to give it to the taxpayers he must like getting it too, as the TSA does a cavity search Obama would sing out with glee yes, yes the TSA is good, right?

Do Away with the TSA and DHS

Neither of these have caught one actual terrorist and yet trillions have been spent for these spy and terrorist organizations.

But will the elected officials do this; no they like to think they are smarter than anyone else and are able to see the big picture; which happens to be they are in the back pocket of corporations, while we the people get it in the backside.

There is no fiscal cliff it is all an illusion, and anyone that says no is delusional or a zombie.

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