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Fear or Live thru Love

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March 7, 2013 in Resistance


Do you fear men or have reverence for God? We have been sent into this world with dominion to overcome it. Faith can move mountains yet people fear in doubt human so called authorities as if they were appointed by ‘gods’. Generations of opportunistic monetary greed, driven by lusts having hatred for those whom truly remain happier while “less fortunate”. Dumb founded belief that if they can conquer the world by ‘demonic’ scientific extermination and then achieve blissful paradise.. Fools! Mass murder of your own species, connected by any human DNA, will be the demise of this planet! God can easily move earth to become like venus at any moment, yet He is patient with us but do not forsake His grace. God keeps all planets in orbit. He holds the Universe together.

Light connects us, love binds us.

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