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Executive Orders: Unconstitutional Precepts

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December 20, 2012 in Resistance


Executive Orders: Unconstitutional Precepts
Copyright December 20, 2012
Ronald Boldt

Today we have seen the increase in the use of what the so-called Executive Branch calls the use of and enforcement of Executive Orders.

The very first Executive Order was given by George Washington authorizing Martha Washington to buy the first set of China to be used as a service set for use when the French Ambassador came to the White House.

The Second Executive Order issued again by George Washington was to repair the White House and repair and repaint it after the War of 1812.

Today Obama is giving out these Executive Orders with the same frequency you would see herpes being given out in a whorehouse. The comparison is the same, neither is wanted needed or desired, they are illegal and immoral, and yet done just the same to the unsuspecting masses.

Obama the Herpes in Chief has once again issued a warning that his whore will infect the Constitution to destroy it by stating if Congress and Senate do not do away with the Second Amendment then he will by his infectious moronic order.

This goes to prove several things; one that Obama never studied the Constitution since if he did then he would know that 1. The Bill of Rights can NEVER BE CHANGED; 2. To change an Amendment to the Constitution you have to have a vote of it nationwide and it had to be ratified by the people not the Congress or Senate; 3. Obama is violating his oath of office and as such committing High Treason, which according to law, and which the moron has repeatedly sentenced other to, i.e. death; 4. Obama is a dictator; 5. He is not a student of history; John Wilkes Booth had assassinated Lincoln for being a traitor and tyrant, and decried Sic Semptor Tyrannous, or Thus To All Tyrants.

What the mental aware people in this country need to do is contact their State and Federal Congressmen, and Senators and demand that we have had it with the treasonous actions of the White House, and that we will never give up our rights because some bubble head in the White House demands it.

Call your elected officials every day, write them emails, and letters, flood their offices with our discontent, to do otherwise will lead to a Second Civil War, with the liberals on one side and the Constitutionalists on the other.

The blood will run in the streets and anyone that votes to repeal the Second Amendment will be classified as a Traitor and suffer a Traitors Death.

If these limp dick liberals and politicians want to remove guns I say fine, then the police, Secret Service and all Federal and State Employees are not to be armed. Then we need to take away the arms from the military too. Does that sound radical or overly simplified, well if they take away gun from Americans then they must take it away from ALL Americans.

Do you really think Obama would say well yes the Secret Service will give up their guns, and the military will too? No he fears for his life and rightly so since he is a TRAITOR and Dictator.

Anyone that supports these antigun laws should just leave this country and move to Mexico or other countries where there is no guns, and let us see how long they last there.

It is our God Given Right, that means our natural Right to keep and Bear Arms, this does not just mean guns but any weapon.

Many do not know the meaning of to Keep and Bear Arms, so I will explain it to you the dumb down zombies, to Keep means literally ownership; to Bear means to carry with you and use this weapon for yourself defense, the defense of others and the defense of the country in THAT ORDER.

What I find repulsive is people from countries that have banned guns are now trying to demand we ban all guns too and yet here is a thought screw you, why do you think you have an increase in crime?

If you don’t like that Americans have that right well that is fine, but remember you DO NOT LIVE HERE, so don’t tell this country what to do.

Who do other countries call upon during WWI and WWII for help, the Americans? If it was not for our long history as loving our liberties and freedoms, owning and using firearms, the world would be under the boot of the Axis Powers even today.

It was the American Military, and Americans who had willingly went to war to protect the world from that type of tyranny and yet today these same countries that we helped not demand that we listen and obey them, I say fine you do not like our Constitution then don’t ask for our money aid or military might ever again. This country does not need nor desire your moronic intervention and meddling.

As for those that demand our Rights to be stripped away, from the political to the civilian population, if you hate this country so much then why don’t you just leave, our as they said after World War 2, “Love it Or Leave it, so get the FUCK OUT.”

Remember this is a time to take action, contact your politicians and remind them if they refuse to listen to you then you will ruin them come next election; if you have to dig up dirt and black mail them like Obama is doing.

I know there is people out there that went to school with our legislative body, and remember those that used grass, had sex with others of the same sex, had stolen something, well bring it out and ruin them before they can ruin this country.

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