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February 23, 2013 in Resistance


The Evil American Empire expects to turn the rest of the World into it’s slaves,to support it’s American dream,or workers paradise.the reason that the USA is in such a mess is because americans have been living for too long,way beyond their means,not the Queen of England,or foreign Banks fault,exept maybe for being over generous.Americans will have to come back down to earth,and get back to dirtbusting and being a bit more productive,instead of looting around the World trying to keep their dead old dream going.Also I have noticed that American so called freedom fighters choose to ignore the facts when their own country is looting and murdering people if its helping their American Dream economy.

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  1. uh.idontlikeusingthespacebareither.

    maybe i should not drink milk and maybe i should not listen to my own consensus, now hail to the queen and hand over life to her or off with your head!

    you obviously have not met a ‘freedom fighter’ but nice try.

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