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Ego Is Detrimental To Being Fully Alive

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November 5, 2015 in Resistance


The world is filled with misconstrued senses of prideful occurrences which definitely are at a loss for humanity. Confidence in righteousness at the end of the day is what it comes down to. Having an ego creates a dark void that makes people grow cold. It inhibits one’s ability to succeed that comes by living the creed of what’s true. Reality is happening and rarely is that caught on TV. There are many problems with society and none of them can be solved by totalitarianism. What made America great is simple; freedom and justice. Legalizing limitations on tyranny kills the beast of injustice and absolute corruption because we all know where such evil could lead to all of our destruction.

Living in the 21st century is a doozy, it’s hardly a joke when there are psychopaths running programs to take control over the U.S. for well over a century as their progeny degenerate into the rats carrying the plague they’ve become so far as to selling out the human race for little more than squalor. It’s terrible what they’re so blinded to-how it has become. Why didn’t they see love produces liberty?

Get away from any sort of ego and pause for a moment to consider the science of the origins of humanity, the earth, our solar system, galaxy, and universe. The schools and universities teaches out of date knowledge to control with their directives the masses of populations. Slavery comes in many forms that all derives from sin. Wrongdoings shouldn’t be the essence of our government, everybody knows this and feels what’s being said but the general opinions of the people aren’t being stated enough. We are given rights to guarantee the safe passage to live righteously forever. Laws grant death which is why they’re best suited to deal with tyranny, (that doesn’t mean lawlessness is better whatsoever).

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