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DUMBING DOWN: Obama Nation

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November 16, 2012 in Resistance


DUMBING DOWN: Obama Nation
Copyright November 16, 2012
Ronald Boldt

A grim look in the Mirror Darkly:
This marks a great day in history as we the nation of sheeple have officially became a nation of Obama Zombies; for those out there who still refuses to drink fluoridated water, pop pills to control you mind and body, and still believe in freedom, liberty and resistance we know who you are and will find you.

We the Soros Corporation will control you through our TV programing, the use and control of the internet, putting out more games that numb the mind and addict the body, causing the masses to become fat lazy and dumb.

We control the music industry putting out what one twenty years ago would consider vile drivel, is now known as rap, grunge and death metal. We will be little those who love classical music, books, and the arts as those people.

Through our TV and movie programming we weaken the mind, lower resistance and show that perversion in sex and life is the norm; so hide if you want we will win through control of the masses of the Obama Zombies.

We of the Soros Cooperation control your spirits by controlling all the churches which spew such moronic drivel, commit sexual abuses of children and preach hate and violence; all of this is done so that you eat it up like ants to a sugar bowl.

Does this sound farfetched? It isn’t let’s look at how far our country has dropped down the slide of intelligence, scientific inquire and even morals.

Look at the simple words known as TV Programming. These shows that the masses enjoy are so laden with subliminal messages that it has proven to lower the IQ, and many out there has the IQ god gave a retarded animal cracker as it is.

Look how many of these shows would have never been allowed on TV in the 60-80s. By the late 1980s the use of NLP, Neural Linguistic Programming, and subliminal messages was used mainly for selling products, yet DARPA, NSA and the CIA have taken it over as a means of controlling the minds of the people.

Here is an excellent example of this country becoming dumb downed Obama Zombies:

When I was young we would use quotes to add a picture or image to our statements and as a means to teach others, these were quotes from famous leaders, generals, and forefathers. All of these quotes worked as a means of striking a cord within the psyche of the person and as a rallying cry for liberty and freedom.

Today quotes of our youth have been replaced by mindless drivel.

If I was to say “Et tu Brutus, et tu”, do you know where that came from and why it was said? No, pity. You may be able to know who said this then: “I’ll be back.”

Ok since I stumped you on that one, and no I will not give you that answer, I will do one even more recently, “Sic sempter tyrannous” who said that and why, let alone what does it means? Give up pity. Then let me do the drivel quote “show me the money.”

How about this famous quote that DHS has said is a sign of a traitor or terrorist, Malon Labe? Who said it why, when and what does it mean? Don’t know and yet you say you are awake, a pity.

Ok here is an easy one then, “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Penny saved is penny earned.

I could go on and on with famous quotes but I think you get the message, we have become a nation of zombies only good for the gas chambers. Many of youth today, anyone under 30 have become so spoon fed on drivel not only here in the States but elsewhere throughout the world, these people have become a waste of human life as they become more fat lazy and dumb and they really have no one to blame but themselves.

When I was a kid we got very little TV growing up, less than an hour per day, then we could get two hours on weekend if it was educational. Otherwise we were outside playing sports, exercising, or even reading those sacred mystifying things called a book.

When I was a kid you rarely seen a fat ass in school, they were forced on a diet, force to do exercise in school, with gym, or PE and there was the Presidential Physical Fitness Awards, for students that could do the minimum of pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and run in a set amount of time, yet today it is better for these lard asses not to do that because it violates their rights. I say bullshit kick them in the ass take away the junk food and make them exercise otherwise you are feeding them to death.

It has been proven that a healthy mind and healthy body go hand in hand. If you are physically fit your mind becomes sharper.

If I see a mother with her kids and they are obese, I ask her is she fattening them up for the smoke house or BBQ, she may not like that but hell make them eat healthy and cut out time on TV, and computers and have them fun their jelly belly off. If you have to make them sit on a stationary bike for hour per day, pedaling if they want to use the computer for 30minutes, or watch TV for an hour.

Many out there will say I am mean evil or cruel or may even mutter to themselves as they fill their face with junk food, well I would kick his ass if he made my kid cry cause they have a granular problem. Hey bring it on, don’t use excuses see you kid not as special but as what they are spoiled fat little fat bodies.

Many will say their kids are not learning because it is the fault of the teacher, or the school or society or even the parent, yet it is this, it is everyone’s fault, those that have allowed their kids to be like this, society who said everyone is special, schools that teach dumbing down, and the government who oversees it all. The main thing is this either you are part of the problem or part of the solution so what are you?

Today the youth spend more of their waking hours sitting on their ever fattening asses watching TV, on the computer gawking at FaceBook, or playing video games than ever before. All of this causes not only obesity but also stupidity.

How many of my generation can remember how you spent your weekends doing everything from hunting, fishing, playing outdoors, swimming, biking, even flying a kite? Yet today to ask a kid to do these they will say it violates their so called rights.

The Zombie Queen, Michelle Obama, has run her smirking big lips and said we have to get the weight problem under control, well I say this Michelle prove that you are as healthy as you say. I will challenge you to climb a mountain free style, or how about doing spelunking? No then it called put up or shut up you moron. Her I am force to use a walker and I could still beat her in physical activity, unless going on vacations and spending tax payers money on her goodies is a challenge then she wins hands down.

If she wanted to end child obesity she would have shit a brick there when almost every state ended gym and PE classes. So I say shut your pie hole and go back on vacation cause your mind is there.

Throughout this country many schools have cut PE and Gym classes because of budget cuts, but by god they still have bilingual classes and teachers, forcing kids to learn TexMex, no it is not Spanish, use that money to get these tubs of lards to be healthy.

The schools have systematically lowered the standards on what is taught, rewrote history, do not teach math correctly, minimized sciences and chemistry requirements. When I graduated I have five years of sciences from biology, chemistry, ecology, botany, and biodiversity this was from the seventh grade to my senior year. I had four years of government, math, English, reading, and history. My text books weighed over five pounds each had over a thousand pages, today senior history books are less than three hundred pages and gloss over 90% of history.

When I was in school they taught us ancient history, world history, American History, and in Texas there once was a requirement for having Texas History.

Today it is as follows:
Math 4 years {basic}Science 4 years {basic}, English 4 years {basic},History 4 years which includes social studies and only one year of fine arts, gym; which is all sadly lacking since the basic classes are for the slow kids.

PE has been all but removed from schools, creating a nation of fat bodies. This is meant as a means of saving money for the schools along with the fact that these kids should never be embarrassed about their weight, well if they hate being fat then lose weight and gain muscle. I say if a kid needs to be embarrassed or ridiculed for being a lazy fat body then fine and dandy, what are they going to do when they are forced to work and their boss orders them to lose weight or be able to do as much work as others and if they are overweight they are not only a health issue for themselves but for others since we will have to take care of them when they get diabetes have a stroke or suffer a heart attack.

For kids today the most they will read is either SMS or texting on a cell phone, or what their friends have to say on FaceBook, if you find a kid with an actual book it is a shocking experience.

Kids today cannot spell nor do they desire to learn spelling since there is spell check on the computer if they even know how to use that.

Kids today do not k now how to neither speak correctly nor write correctly since grammar is a thing of the past and if they have to write out an essay then they do have grammar check.

For many of these lazy deviants a book to them is a thing to fear and is foreign to them as a slide rule is.

Many cannot do either basic math nor know simple principle in physics; they feel they don’t need to learn that since there is a thing called a calculator.

Many will never go into sciences or physics, because it is as foreign to them as good taste is.

For kids today to do research unlike when I was a kid, they will look things up on Wikipedia which is about as accurate as the National Enquirer and Star.

Their tastes in TV shows are so simplistic that it boggles the mind; they love Jackass, American Idol and Big Brother. They worship shows called reality TV, I say want a reality you are a fat lazy bum and that is all you will ever be if you don’t get up and start learning and thinking for your own self.

The idea of American youth today on classical education is who is the current star on Dancing with the Stars, or last year winner on American Idol.

If you ask any kid out there can they name three short stories by Poe they cannot, but they can name who is in every race car, wow talk about morons.

Today people care nothing about history let alone learning from the past their mental retention is less than six months, and that is a stretch.

Many readers will berate me because I am not sugar coating this, saying you are mean or evil but why not remove those rose colored glasses, pull your head out and take a breath of reality. If you don’t like reading this or feel it is biased fine but is that because you have a child that is fat dumb and lazy or are you just a closet liberal?

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