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Disabled man beaten in mistaken arrest attempt

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December 30, 2012 in Resistance



This man with Down Syndrome failed to “stop” and submit to his “masters”, even though he had broken no law (he was just walking down the street) they pepper sprayed, beat the shit out of him with batons and handcuffed him BEFORE they figured out he was just walking down the street? The government wants to disarm the people they WORK for, U.S. citizens, are they kidding??? Am I glad I’m retired and don’t have to work with the psychopaths they hire today…..(I can just imagine them saying) “Look there’s a retard who fits the usual suspect profile, let’s pepper spray him and apply an ample portion of sap behind his right ear several times. If he cry’s out for his mother (because we’re killing him) we may be able to empty all of our .40 cal magazines into him, OFFICER SAFETY you know!” The station captain “offered the family a turkey”, this is insane! READ THE STORY, I see these stories ALL the time, police in Fullerton, CA murdered a homeless man, Kelly Thomas, because he didn’t understand his police masters orders. In my opinion and MANY other people I know EVERY non-felon should be able to buy the SAME firearms law enforcement carries around and has access to, including fully automatic, for citizens PERSONAL SAFETY. These days you never know when a fully armed, at a MINIMUM (.40 cal semi-auto, 45 rounds of ammo, back-up pistol, shotgun, AR-15 depending on beat, minimum one knife, tazer, OC spray, baton/sap, kevlar vest and radio to call 50+ in an emergency) law enforcement officer who was NOT wearing a seat belt (law EXEMPTS them, but not you) and talking on their CELL PHONE stops you for no reason and when you refuse to comply like a slave he commences to turn you every which way but loose, then he and his cover deputies realize they made a mistake so they kindly call an ambulance (which YOU WILL pay for later) and the station captain (SUPREME BUTT KISSERS) gives you a turkey for your ass whipping! This IS still the United States, right??? After reading the news lately it seems like we’ve been shipped out to North Korea and everyone is an enemy of the state. Lets get real and throw these badged psychopaths into the penitentiary system where they belong so they can “play” with other psychopaths and work out all day and beat the hell out of each other, this way innocent citizens don’t get “tuned up” when those cretins are foaming at the mouth for ACTION! STAY FREE MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Eh, its not so insane. Its 8pm at night… The officer told him to stop several times and he didn’t… technically it is wrong for the officer to detain the guy without making an arrest for a crime or something. Next thing happens, the guy didn’t comply and he struggled against the officers. The other part that might have been wrong was them beating him too much with the batons. You really can’t tell without having been there or without seeing clear video.

    The article doesn’t point it out but the other failure of these police was they didn’t get to the domestic disturbance from the looks of the article. At least not till after dealing with this guy who had done nothing wrong.

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