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Demand For Immediate Restoration of Fundamental Human Rights : Matthew Michael Cassidy Dec 25, 2009

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February 18, 2013 in Resistance


1) I, Matthew Michael Cassidy, 379 Gilmour St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, DEMAND IMMEDIATE LEGAL REPRESENTATION to protect me from abuses to my Human, Civil, Charter and Constitutional Rights, and to have those same rights returned to me without further delay;

2) The science that allegedly supports my forced medical treatment regimen is inherently flawed and in fact fraudulent. As there remains to this day no clinical or laboratory test to specifically determine the current chemical state of a living human brain, it is impossible to state with any certainty that I have a ‘chemical brain imbalance’, and it is furthermore impossible to claim to be able to adjust my brain chemistry in any meaningful manner whatsoever. This is hardly a scientific matter, as any reasonably educated layman can easily grasp these inconsistencies in the forced medical abuse that I have endured for over 25 years;

3) Given that it is impossible to know a human being’s specific brain chemistry, informing me that there is something wrong with MY brain chemistry represents both criminal abuse and, on the part of any medical personnel, malpractice. In regard to this matter I have been criminally denied my most basic rights of autonomy and human dignity, and most importantly denied ‘informed consent’ by those imposing my current medical regimen upon my person by threat of physical assault and incarceration;

4) Attempting to adjust another human’s brain chemistry with toxic chemicals in a clinical environment devoid of reasonable fact represents nothing less than Medical Research carried out on my person AGAINST MY EXPRESS WILL. Thus, this forced treatment regimen is in clear violation of The Helsinki Accords and The Declaration of Helsinki of 1964. Considering the known toxicity of the substances I am forced to ingest, this state of affairs further represents Criminal Disregard for Human Life, if not outright murder;

5) My Secondary Decision Maker (SDM), Michael Morris Cassidy, has repeatedly lied to myself and immediate family regarding tests allegedly supporting my diagnosis which are in fact non-existent, as well as his specific legal status in relation to my forced medical treatment regimen. Such intentional duplicity grossly violates my human rights, and suggests a criminal conspiracy to continue my abusive medical treatment against my will, as well as silence the concerns of myself and immediate family members through outright lies, intimidation, and intentional misinformation. This includes flatly denying his role as my SDM to immediate family members for several years;

6) My SDM, Michael Morris Cassidy, has a mental health history of his own, which he has concealed from public view, and for which he has refused the very same treatments which he now is instrumental in imposing upon my person. This is an untenable state of affairs, in a repugnant legal environment, and must be rectified IMMEDIATELY, as it is clinically and legally abhorrent, and plainly suggests the possibility that false information was presented to support my initial diagnosis 25 years ago;

7) At no point in my diagnosis and treatment has any mention been made of severe marital dischord in the home at the time of my initial emotional issues and subsequent mental health diagnoses, nor of the wholly ignored physical, emotional and psychological abuse I suffered at the hands of both my legal guardians and both older siblings. This abuse has remained prevalent in my family life throughout my childhood and formative years, and into my adult life. In this manner I suffer to this day from the physical, emotional and psychological abuse of my youth, which has continued into my adult life, while no attempt has been made to address these issues, nor to remove the wholly inappropriate legal power my SDM, Michael Morris Cassidy, holds over my life, in spite of repeatedly expressed concerns by myself and other immediate family members;

8 ) As there are undisclosed mental health issues on the part of my SDM, Michael Morris Cassidy, this suggests an unstable relationship with the medical sciences that may have contributed to my forced diagnosis and treatment. This is illuminated by a general obsession with medical matters and severe, debilitating illness in the family home that is prevalent throughout my childhood, as well as an apparent desire to be close to and accepted by persons in the medical profession on the part of one or both legal guardians. As previously stated, this clearly suggests that reports of allegedly ‘disturbing’ behaviour critical to my initial diagnosis may have been falsified;

9) In support of these concerns of perversity, other evidence of severe medical abuse has recently come to light in my family, surrounding one sibling’s loss of his right eye as an infant in our family home. This was followed by at least one parent’s entry into the mental health system, a matter that requires intensive scrutiny and investigation for potential relevance to my life experience, initial diagnosis, and ongoing forced treatment in the absence of my Charter Rights;

10) In light of all of these concerns, it is plainly apparent that my current legal and medical status represents nothing less than a case of chemically induced mental illness. It is impossible to meaningfully manipulate another person’s brain chemistry if one cannot know what it is in the first place, and lying to me about this has been especially emotionally and psychologically devastating. I DEMAND, as I have for years, that other avenues of treatment be sought, and that the 25 year old failed hypothesis of ‘chemical brain imbalance’ applied to myself be both addressed as the unsupportable and libellous allegation that it is, and abandoned as a central assumption driving treatment decisions in my case;

11) In light of all of the serious and wholly relevant legal and moral concerns outlined above, I, Matthew Michael Cassidy, DEMAND IMMEDIATE LEGAL REPRESENTATION TO DEFEND MYSELF AGAINST THE EGREGIOUS VIOLATIONS OF MY HUMAN, CIVIL, CHARTER, AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS;

12) This is the entirety of my legal statements on this matter. I do not desire nor intend to elaborate on these issues without third party, independent legal representation, outside of the current system of mental health lawyers, who have also consistently ignored my rights and concerns in the past.

Matthew Michael Cassidy
302-379 Gilmour St.
Ottawa, ON
K2P 2M6


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