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Why Delhi Residents Need Only The Best

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July 31, 2017 in Resistance


New Delhi or Dilli, is a city of millions. Each one of these millions lives here with dreams in their eyes and pace in their step. Politicians, business houses, multinationals, industrialists, entrepreneurs, artisans, professionals, students, novices and experts, all rub shoulders to keep the busy metropolis running. It comes as no surprise that the residents of this ever growing city demand only the best, not only from the Government and Corporate, but also from themselves.

Here are a few reasons why the city needs and deserves only the best.

This is Where the Government of India Functions – The capital city is the seat of the power makers and brokers. People who walk the aisles of the Parliament, running from the Prime Minister’s office to the different blocks, create policies as to how the citizens of the country live. They have to be offered the best services, so that they can function to the best of their capabilities, and it is taken for granted – from the khadi of their kurta to the wifi plans they adopt in Delhi, have to be the best always.

The Wholesale Business of India Thrives Here – The city is home to the biggest wholesale market in the country. From the basic caps needed for a child’s first birthday to the tiles needed for your office, everything is available at costs to please different pockets. The businessmen of the city deserve the best of services ranging from municipal to the best of Internet services in Delhi to keep the city functioning.

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The Best Universities of India Impart Education in the Capital City – DU, JLN, Jamia, IGNOU, the best in the country, run their institutes of higher education through several campuses in the city. Students from every corner of the world fight for a place in the seats of the prestigious colleges of these renowned Universities. They come here not only to learn, but to imbibe the addictive atmosphere of the capital city.

Multinationals in India have made Delhi NCR their home – When multinationals and the biggest brands decide to make the city their home, it is understood that the executives of these offices will demand nothing but the best. With companies such as Airtel and PWC setting up offices here, it is but natural for the citizens of India’s capital city to get used the best of broadband plans in Delhi or accountancy services.

The City gives the Artist their due – As home of India’s artisans, Delhi offers performance stages giving opportunity to artists to express their creativity. The city is the hub of entertainment – danseuse’s bringing traditional and Western dance forms alive and theaters that satire life of the average Dilliwala. Getting the best, or participating to excel just became the way of life for the people calling Delhi home.

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In conclusion, the market in Delhi differs due to sociological and economic factors as compared to other parts of the country. For Delhites, quality is far more important over price. They want quality every time and it can be seen in the way the city interacts with the lawmakers, the sellers and others to provide them with choices that spoil them. Residents, students or the people choosing to make this city their home for a short time are more demanding of quality in every aspect of their life. They are willing to acquire such quality as long as i meet their aspirations.

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